You should have been a page 3 girl!

This is what my husband said to me this morning at approximately 7:40.

B was standing in the kitchen with the newspaper open on the worktop at, funnily enough, Page 3.  I asked him to move whilst I got my tablets out of the cupboard.

B:  ‘She’s one ‘ell of a girl.’

Me:  ‘What’s her name, how old is she and where does she come from?’ Expecting instant recall – it takes him 0.3 milliseconds to process and memorise this sort of information and over a week to recall and carry out my instruction for him to throw away the wilted flowers in the porch despite several reminders.

B:  ‘I just gave you her name.’

Me:  ‘Oh yeah!’  Elle

B:  ‘Herefordshire!  18?’

Me:  ‘Close 19.’  This just confirms my previous thoughts that if I really want B to remember something that instead of telling him I should write it on page 3.  However this would be time critical – it needs to be done more or less as soon as he gets the paper – because once he’s checked out page 3 it’s then onto the sport and later the rest of the ‘news’ only encountering page 3 again briefly on his way to the ‘news’.  I know this because I once drew a bra in black marker pen on the buxom beauty on page 3 and he didn’t notice straight away!

Whilst reading the information I was astounded by the girl’s comments in her ‘News in Briefs’, which provided information on the side effects of hyaluronic acid when used as a lip plumper and included words such as ‘suspected’ and ‘extracellular matrix’.  I read this out to B.

Whilst getting my breakfast I regaled B with details of how organ transplant in AL amyloidosis results in new amyloid deposits recurring in the new organ.

B:  ‘You should have have been a page 3 girl.’

What?  That wasn’t the sort of scene you anticipated that resulted in such a comment!  Shame on you!


3 responses to “You should have been a page 3 girl!

  1. Again your post made me chuckle -not a bad thing these days. there’s still time! the first page 3 girl with a SCT now that WOULD be different xxx all best wishes.

  2. When I read “news briefs” I had a different image coupled with the marker drawing…

  3. PS – I like the new layout a lot!!!

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