Watch the Birdie!

Down at the bottom of our garden is this shrub.

I was giving it a bit of a trim on Monday when I found this…

‘Hey, what are you looking at?  Do you mind!’

I hastily stacked some of the branches back to hide it because I’d resulted in the two baby birds being exposed!  It’s quite a tiny nest and I have absolutely no idea what they are – other than birds.  I mean, who would have thought birds would even nest so close to the ground.

I’ve checked once a day since and they were still there and still breathing!

And then this morning…

They’re gone, gone I tell ya.

I had a furtle* in the undergrowth but no tweeting little fledglings were located.

*  Beth – to furtle (pronounced like turtle but with an f) (verb) – to look in a haphazard loose sort of way, not as organised as a search but not as disorganised as a rummage!


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