Outstanding Baby Gift!

As in the last one remaining – the little one is now a 19lb five month old!  His nana was calling round last night and I just had to get it finished.  I’ll see her again in a fortnight but that’s beside the point.

This is the fabric I bought in Edinburgh in March – fleece from Mandor’s and crazy roller coaster ride from Cabbage Patch.

Finished fleece measured 40″ x 56″ (102 cm x 142 cm)

I cut out the stars and appliqued then onto the background with exactly matching thread of which I needed two spools – trip out for second resulted in divorce proceedings!

Look at my very neat, even if I say so myself, corner…

Backside of stars…

It’s a good job I didn’t knit him a cardy otherwise it would have spent yesterday hanging up with weights attached to it!


3 responses to “Outstanding Baby Gift!

  1. I love the backsides of the stars. Hmmm…that might get you some strange hits via Google!

  2. so funny, “divorce proceedings” and “weights attached”! hehe… it’s perfect, really. done just in time, and everything so tidy. the star and that mitred corner!

    (and can i just say i love how you used the term “fortnight”…blogland has brought me in touch with people around the world who *actually use* words that i’ve only read in books by jane austen and such. that’s meant as a compliment, i know you must be wondering lol… )

  3. Hi! Came over from Ana’s Archive Dive. That’s excellent sewing, and a really great idea. Little ones always love looking at individual things on blankets and such. I’m sure he loves it.

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