Just What I Need…

I went out for the afternoon with a friend to Ikea, where after about three hours hard shopping we had purchased a late lunch and a packet of 200 drinking straws in funky grown-up colours!  Our husbands were really impressed. Chris’s on ringing to see when she would be home ‘You’re still at Ikea!’  B on finding out I’d splashed out on straws ‘Why, we have some?’  Funky grown-up colours, that’s why!

A trip to Boots was required on the way home where the sales lady was very pleasant and beamed (I have no idea why) when she gave me my receipt along with accompanying money off voucher…

Now all I need is hair by the 13th!

One response to “Just What I Need…

  1. Myeloma is terrible, unjust, heart-breaking disease!

    Hoping to get to IKEA soon and see if they have those great adult colored straws here.

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