How come you can take this…

(old, and I mean OLD, bank statements – on 25 September 1987 Miss Paula E McInnes, who had yet to become acquainted with Mr B Kilgallon, had the princely sum of £115.00 in her current account and on 26 January 1990 that sum was a pauperly £0.44)

and this…

(which doesn’t look as voluminous on the photo as in person – it did start off in a neat stack but slipped ungraciously, like an inebriated women in a slippy dress on a bar stool, into a loose pile on the floor – Oh, look at that! Can I manage without the 2002 Annual Report from the HDRA? Maybe I should go and get that out of the recycling bag.)

out of a cupboard and, apart from adding a few books, the cupboard still looks like this…

And no, I wasn’t looking for my house keys in there as B suggested, since he now knows I’ve mislaid them – THANKS SEAN – more on THAT to follow!


One response to “Uncluttering

  1. We often de-clutter, only problem is we still can’t find the microwave. 😉

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