Where’s the week gone?

Monday – Exercise bike – 20 mins only.  Started making a dress.  Left home at 13:30 to go to the Royal to check Septrin hadn’t affected blood counts (it hadn’t), got home at 17:30.  Did some knitting.

Tuesday – Took it easy as we weren’t having another worn out Wednesday.  Back little bit niggly.  Did more knitting.  Bit of sewing.  Honed my skills at match three game.

Wednesday – Decided to go to Ikea first thing to check out bed linen.  First thing turned out to be about 11:00 because I only got up at 9:15 after waking up a view times and them B coming to bed and fidgeting.

Ikea turned about to have way too many people – as B had told me and reminded me that he had told me so several times later.  I did however manage to see some storage units that would look fantastic in the back bedroom but they form a post in their own right.

Decided to do look at dresses in TK Maxx on the way home, then decided that the way home should be my second trip on a motorway.  This one a bit busier than the first.

But hey why go to St Helens when I could stay on the motorway and go to Southport (and get some yarn that Auntie En had got from a cheap shop), it’s only up the road (the yarn not costing more for the petrol used of course), not far at all knitting wise, however driving concentration wise it was 25 miles from where I was and going a way that meant going to places I’d never been before in my life, driving or passengering!

Get to Southport.  Can’t see the shop on the retail park where I thought it was.  Carry on driving trying to avoid the town centre.  Realise if I don’t have a wee I am going to pop.  In the attempt to get onto a supermarket car park a warning light comes on in the car.  Oh bum!  Get the handbook out.  Can’t see anything at all about warning lights, but do find out how to operate a mobile phone hands free system and integral sat nav, both of which the car doesn’t have.  Need to go for a wee because I can’t concentrate on the book and not having an accident at the same time.

On the way into the supermarket notice a stand asking me have I paid and displayed.  Well no I haven’t.  By this time I am prepared to live dangerously and take the risk of getting a fine.  ‘I’m bald and I needed a wee, my husband will have a wobbler please don’t give me a fee.  Did I mention I’m bald?  By the way I’ve had a stem cell transplant so don’t stand so close I don’t know where you’ve been!’

Get back to the car and find no fine.  Phew.  Switch the engine on in case the light has disappeared.  Doh!  Carry on looking at the book.  Ahhh, this would be the emissons indicator light.  ‘If the light stays on or flashes on and off seek service advice promptly.’  Does that mean I can drive home first?  What the hell.  Turn the engine back on and the light has disappeared.  Yeah!

Drive on.  Decide whilst I’m here I might as well go to the beach.  There’s not much chance of seeing the sea in Southport but nevertheless…  Find a tiny car park with a surface that would have made B blanch.  Realise it’s 13:30 and B is getting up at 14:00 to take the car to see about a recall.  Yes we got a letter on Saturday saying that it needed a new thermostat fitted as it may be defective.  Did I laugh, well yes I did while B sought to look unbothered by it.  Yeah right!

Nearly made it to the beach before it was time to head for home via a route I was familar with eventually and which included several sets of roadworks including convoy systems!

Get home, need a lie down in a dark room with a couple of painkillers (back little bit more niggly) and a cold drink.  Get cold drink and trip out to Service Centre to book car in following look and slight lecture on taking it easy and pushing myself too hard.

Get home again.  Try dress on which was just shy of finishing edges.  Get stuck in dress as zip not long enough and dress too tight.  Stop just short of claustraphopbic attack.  B no asisstance whatsover in removing me from dress.  No unfinished seam to rip so keeping slashing with scissors to last resort, ended up unpicking zip while breathing shallowly.

Thursday -Wake up 4:49.  Too hot.  Get drink.  Can’t get back to sleep.  Knit, watch TV.  Nod off.  Wake up 6:30ish.  More TV.  Look through Ikea catalogue and fantaise about shelving and getting rid of spare mother in law er I mean, mother in law’s bed  for a chair bed (like a sofa bed but smaller).  Bit more nodding.

Leave home 9:40.  Drop car off.  Walk to Auntie En’s for five hours which was really stressful with the knitting, chatting, getting given coffee made with milk, biscuits, tea and salmon sandwiches.  Pick car up.

Notice on the way to doctors to sort out new prescription for Septrin and pick up outstanding Aciclovir that the chemist was short from last week that the place where the mileage is normally displayed now says ‘Code 3’.  Now what?  Park, sort prescription.  Switch the engine on, still there.

I’d have to drive past home on the way to the garage so sod this, I’m going home.  B should be up by now he can sort it.  Mobile rings as leaving car park – must be B wondering where I am.

Get home.  B comes out before I get out of car.  Point out the message.  Book comes out.  Now 16:00. ‘Don’t worry I’ll ring the garage and see what they say.’ says… me.  Better me looking the fluffy female than B.

‘It’s the coolant level, Insignias can be a bit tempermental.  You can either bring it back or top it up with water and see if that sorts it.’

I’m for topping it up with water.  B looks iffy.  I now need a wee and a drink.  I get these whilst B decides what to do.  It’s ‘his’ car after all.  The bonnet of which he has not yet lifted.  So maybe now’s not the time!

Me:  ‘Do you want me to go back?’

B:  ‘Well if you don’t mind.’

Me:  ‘No, I don’t.’

B:  ‘Give me a hug.’


It just happened to be in my knitting bag.

Get the knitting and head for the car.

At the garage.  ‘He’s just finishing off, he’ll only be five minutes’.

This much knitting later I got the car back.

Go home – bit of deja vu going on.

Get out of the car and realise I didn’t take the garage key with me (still no come across my own house keys) and B is in the shower.  Wait on the front until he gets out.

Get in.  Get drink.  Get changed.  Get big toe stuck in handle of laundry drawer.

Start cutting dress out – after getting toe free.

Friend calls round.

And now I’m going to bed as…

Friday – We have an appointment at the Royal at 8:55.

In the afternoon I intend to come home, pick up my knitting and settle down to watch Avatar – which Auntie En lent me!

Meanwhole other than these…

I don’t seem to have got anything done!

3 responses to “Where’s the week gone?

  1. I am shattered just reading that lot! I cannot drive anywhere without at least a week’s pre-planning. I passed my test 4 years ago (apparently – I had to check) and I am still afraid of unfamiliar car parks / junctions / roundabouts. And lights on cars scare me. Especially the headlights coming towards me at speed.

  2. You do seem to get a lot done in your travels. When I was a young man, (four decades ago), I was a state trooper here in Massachusetts USA, and patrolled the highways, much of the time at night. Bernard has probably advised you on ways to deal with oncoming headlights although I was a 25 year old trooper before an old sergeant noticed my difficulty with the same. Basically, (sounds simplistic now), the best technique is to focus forward at another car, a tree or anything that keeps your vision focused, up ahead, in your lane. You’ll continue to pick up the oncoming headlights in your peripheral vision which does not cause blind spots. I hope I’m not being “over protective” as my kids say. Sometimes what seems obvious is not always, at least for me……

    Blessings to you and Bernard

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