Foghorn Leghair

I was somewhat disappointed when my leg hair refused to budge (even when tugged) during my ‘holiday’ however it has redeemed itself.  I’m not a girly girl by anyone’s stretch of the imagination – a friend once described me as the most ungirly girl she knew, simply because I didn’t know days before a night out what I was going to wear – but I can’t be doing with leg hair.  Some people I know overwinter their’s (for the added warmth maybe) and only remove it once the weather gets warmer.  Even now, when I won’t be applying artificial tan so they can go on display I want them hair free and they are.  I shaved them the night I got home from ‘holiday’ and they’ve had the good grace not to put in a reappearance yet (5 weeks – can you believe that?).

I may not feel the same if the hair on my head forms a work to rule committee with the leg hair but then again I can always wear a hat when it’s cold and I still have eyebrows!


2 responses to “Foghorn Leghair

  1. If I “over-wintered” I’d have to use the weed-whacker just to find my knees! I’ve heard that one’s hormones have a lot to do with how persistent body hair is and in my family, if that’s the case, the hormones are pretty strong – even in our dotage… and like you I prefer not to have any interference with my legs moving smoothly!

  2. You and your blinking eyebrows – you big show off!!!

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