For my birthday party I bought this dress and really liked the style.

So I called on the knowledge imparted by my Great Auntie Betty and cut a pattern from the dress and made these.  I made the pattern from lining paper, as in the stuff used for lining walls.  This was a bit of a boo boo, it’s really difficult to get it to lie flat so I won’t be doing that again.

I made this one before my ‘holiday’

and these two since I got home

I particularly like the last one.  I got the material out the second week I was home, put in on my work table and left it there for two days, as initially it just seemed too big a task.  I mean I couldn’t tackle a match three game so cutting out and piecing together a dress was probably a tad adventurous.

I did well with the fabric for these and all three cost less than £25, slightly less than the original dress.


7 responses to “Dresses

  1. With all my clarity and plenty of sleep I couldn’t do what you have accomplished with these lovely frocks… good work!

  2. Wow! Love the style. Yes, the third one is lovely, but I do like the first one you made. Makes me want to pull out the Pfaff and start sewing again ….. of course, if I tried to make my own pattern, it would be a disaster.

  3. How clever you are! – a wonderful selection of very nice dresses – love them. Hope you’re feeling much better now.

  4. Those are lovely! How did I miss seeing this post until now?

  5. what a skill to have, to remake a favourite dress like that. i like the last one too, how the print flows towards bigger flowers at the bottom.

    lovely work paula, and i couldn’t help but admire the dress form as well.

  6. very nice! you must have a ton of patience. found you through ana’s friday archive dive.

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