More Blood Results via Vlog

I decided to do a spare of the moment vlog.  I haven’t/couldn’t watch it but B has seen and says it’s okay.  I trust him since he’s normally VERY honest, once telling me I looked like a wrestler in a dress I tried on!

The medication I’m on instead of the inhaler is actually co-trimoxazole (septrin), an anti bacterial.

I was going to mention this on my vlog but couldn’t bring myself to – it’s so much easier to type about it!  I did a list of things to ask questions about before we went to the unit and I asked B did he want to add anything and he did something to the list, but then decided not to ask.  However after I’d finished my queries B pipes up that there is one other thing and because I have the humor level of a 10 year old boy at times (people tripping, including myself, the mother in law passing wind and looking round to see who did it, that kind of thing) I started sniggering and then when he asked I practically drowned out the lovely ward manager, Priscilla, who did her best to ignore my hysterics and provide the relevant information.   B had written S E X on the list but did he say ‘What about sex?  By the way that’s not a proposition!’ no, instead he said ‘Can two people get together…?’

In case you were wondering apparently they can but need wellingtons and macintoshs.  Well, I think that was what Priscilla meant by protection.

11 responses to “More Blood Results via Vlog

  1. How cool this is! Thanks!

  2. Atta boy B!!! It’s a matter of priorities. We had this talk ourselves when we left transplant only I
    was the one asking(though Tim was the one who REALLY wanted to know) and we had a bit of an audience
    unfortunately. I blogged about it in OCT 09 if you care to read. We had a good laugh over it too. Our doctor neglected to tell us ANYTHING about the beef dishes
    and apples though for birth control. I never knew that……
    Thanks for the tip! ;o)

    • It was actually kind of your fault Denise – I had read it on your blog a while ago and had mentioned it to B! Husbands and selective hearing again. Two days ago – ‘Can you throw those flowers away that are in the porch?’ Still there. Two plus months ago – ‘I was reading on Denise’s blog that they asked about …’ 😀

  3. Loved your vlog! You look fab (and believe me, I wouldn’t say that if I didn’t MEAN it…I am such a bad liar that I don’t even try, not even in writing…hehe). And how lovely to hear your voice.

    By the way, love the image of two people getting, er, together with wellies and macintoshes!

    Thanks for the chuckle! Super news about the blood results! 🙂

  4. I’m very impressed with your vlog, but I hope you don’t expect me to do the same, I look like a scarecrow at the moment. You’ve got a great laugh by the way. Great to see and hear you. 🙂

  5. So where is it then? My work pc has censored you out of cyberspace!

  6. Your new theme – delightful, by the way – seems to have dropped the vlog… I was going to come back and look at it, and it’s gone.

    • Hi Sandy – I can still see it – if you continue to have problems let me know and I’ll see if there is anything I can do – I wouldn’t want you to miss seeing me! ;D

  7. Hi,

    Loved the vlog, your giggle is infectious (in a good way). It’s good to see someone who has a sense of humor and staying positive. 😀


  8. You have a great spirit. It is uplifting to see someone in such a battle as you are, maintain a real curiosity about all that is going on around you. Your video is fun and with all due respect to Bernard, you are gorgeous on camera!



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