Elastic Band Exercises

I exercised on Saturday with an elastic band.

I always thought they were for fluffy females who didn’t want to lift real weights.  So I was sitting watching B play one of the match 3 games that I  got a bit stuck on previously as this wasn’t ‘really’ exercising and was doing various things with the band.  Whilst doing some bicep curls the end shot out from under my foot and pinged into the air somewhat near B.  Fortunately because he was concentrating so much on the game, and trying to show that he could do it if I couldn’t, he didn’t notice how close it came to whacking him in the kisser.

After one set of 20 reps of curls, triceps extensions, pec flyes, lateral raises and back pulls I was pooped and breathing heavily.  After lunch I had a kip.  I wouldn’t mind but it was the easier of the two bands and it’s made my muscles ache – which is good – but it’s an elastic band!

Maybe I should have started off with a regular elastic band and maybe I should consider selling the six foot 20kg Olympic barbell that’s in the garage!

2 responses to “Elastic Band Exercises

  1. I’m contemplating a crack at the world paperclip lifting championships when I feel stronger…..
    No, seriously, it is no shame to have to start with an elastic band when you have been away from the gym for a while…..tee hee hee xxxx.

  2. Or you could start dancing to Alexander’s Rag Time Band… that’s a kind of exercise, too… yuk yuk

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