Myeloma Buddies Update

Firstly if you haven’t already seen it you need to check out Dorothy Buddy ‘on location’ in Chicago.

Secondly, but no less important than Dorothy Buddy getting a trip to Chicago, all profits from all future sales of Myeloma Buddies will go to Phil Brabbs’s new Cancer Kicker Foundation.

You can see Phil’s kiddo’s with their Buddies, Karen & WCK’s buddies and Lorna  & Mike’s buddies on the Myeloma Buddies tab at the top left-ish of the page.

From the ones I have sold so far this amounted to 74% of all monies received (including postage).  I tried to check on the web to see how this compared to other charitable donations but I can’t find figures.  Anyhoo, I worked out that if I make the heads four rows shorter I can push this up to 80% and the Buddies only look slightly odd.  Just kidding!

Royal Mail put their postage up in April and neglected to send me a personal email informing me of this, so I’ve had to adjust slightly for that.   I’ve sent them a strongly worded letter.

The other surprise was packaging.  The plastic envelopes vary in price from post office to post office.  I didn’t think they could do that but obviously they can and/or do.   So I’ve worked out an, as waterproof, but cheaper alternative.

The fact that I was able to calculate, on Excel of course, what I’d received, fees, postage and material costs shows that I’m thinking more clearly although I did check it about 25 times to make sure as it seemed too easy, especially compared to the water filter jug!


One response to “Myeloma Buddies Update

  1. I think you could put your efforts toward animating the myeloma buddies so they can do all the work for you. You could get an international team together to work on various aspects of the project. I’ll look into the neural networks and learning algorithms for you. They’ll make lovely little robot slaves!

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