I’m feeling well, really I am!

I’m feeling really well. Still not as energetic as normal or I am considering I may be getting lazy, since I am still completely happy for B to get tea. However I did the ironing yesterday and a little the day before so we are both un-creased and B isn’t going to work in T-shirts that look like they’ve been slept in accompanied by screwed up hankies.

I really am feeling well. I felt the need to say it twice since one of our neighbours rang me this morning and when I said that he said that I’d say that even if I wasn’t. (I have no idea whether that should have a comma or not.) Then a friend called round and said that I looked well, good colour in my cheeks and bright eyed, and when I said I was feeling well too, she said the same thing.

Another two friends called round tonight and one had seen me last Monday and said I looked better than then – although whether the fact that I was dressed rather than in my jim-jams made any difference I don’t know. I also completely forgot to mention to the other friend that I’d got a new hair do – when she’d been to visit me on holiday I still had hair. Oops!

I haven’t been sick since last Thursday and can say that lasagne and oven chips – not the same on the return trip even if it is just after they made the outbound journey. Water is still iffy but otherwise food generally is more appetising. It’s not that I haven’t been hungry but when I sat down to eat, particularly breakfast, I just didn’t want it. However since Sunday that’s been much better other than I can’t now be doing with milk on my cereal. I can eat the dry cereal with a glass of milk but tried it again this morning with the milk poured on – it’s still a no, no! I think it’s the soggy texture even in the slightest way, shape or form.

I’m nearly out of ‘Little Miss Chatterbox Berry Gel Toothpaste’. My Auntie Ann got it for me as the natural mint one I took on holiday turned out to be a bit harsh at the time and I’ve been using the berry one up since. Well it would have been a waste to throw it away! I don’t understand why children won’t brush their teeth. It’s purple and sparkly and tastes great.

When I was on holiday I anticipated B having some sort of crisis, over sandwich bags, or some other minor thing but he coped admirably and saved it for the night I got home.

I said I wanted a clean towel everyday. B didn’t say anything. We have the newish towels, the colourful lightweight holiday towels and the older ‘may come in handy – not quite worn enough to put in the garage for an emergency’ towels but this request nearly tipped B over the edge. Apparently he stood in front of the dirty laundry drawer and had a panic attack. When was he supposed to get all this washing done? Where would he find the time? This was a request too far! Now he thinks it’s amusing and irrational but for about an hour after this was his crisis!


4 responses to “I’m feeling well, really I am!

  1. Ah the glamour of washing and ironing! But it’s good to get “back to normal”. Though I reckon you should let B “help around the house” however well you feel!

  2. I got control of the house at the moment….so there is no need to panic……..Lorna is only away for a short while…….I’ll be ok ……..everything can’t be that difficult…….


  3. Ah, and we are the weaker sex… I can see the headlines, “Man Quails at Laundry Pile; Medics Called.” Glad to hear he recovered, though. And even better news to hear how well you are doing!

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