Being follically challenged

My Dad was bald, as were his brothers.  They all went bald in their 30s.  When I was a toddler they once lined up and apparently I couldn’t pick my Dad out, they did look similar apart from the baldness.   When I was in my teens he used to tease me about going bald and now that I find myself follically challenged these are the things I’ve discovered.

Getting showered is so much quicker

You only need one towel instead of two

The feel of the water from the shower on your head is soooooooooooo pleasant

There’s no messy hairs down the plug hole for B to clear out (that’s definitely not in my job description – it’s makes me gag at the best of times)

No conditioner is needed but it is advantageous to moisturiser to prevent dry skin, not dandruff

When using a shredder there’s no risk of getting scalped

Small children don’t have a problem with it

Young boys don’t have a problem with it

Young girls, roughly between 8 and 12, stare

That if you make a new dress and the back neckline is not sitting right you need to spend the five minutes it takes to correct it rather than thinking no-one will see it with your hair down

There’s no bad morning hair – it’s exactly the same style in the morning as when you went to bed

There’s no problem lying on it in bed and pulling a muscle (like a friend did, with her own hair – not mine)

It distracts the postman from noticing you’re still in your pyjamas

You find out what the weather is like faster – my head’s hot, my head’s cold, my head’s wet

And my favourite…

There’s no time spent pondering whether your hair goes with your clothes – it just does!


6 responses to “Being follically challenged

  1. Sandy Banks

    And you don’t have to worry about plucking out any grey ones… I may follow your lead!

  2. It actually sounds pretty liberating. When I knew Tim was gonna lose his hair at transplant, I asked him if he wanted me to shave my head in a show of solidarity. I guess I should explain here that I have a big’ ol knob on my head
    which is from an old bruise that calcified instead of reabsorbing so it’s like a half golf ball sticking out where
    my forehead meets my hairline(yeah, the bangs are a necessity for me). So Tim said, “NO PLEASE, don’t shave your head!!!” I would have had all genders and age groups staring at me for sure!

  3. I would add another one: if you live in Florence Italy, you won’t sweat as much during the boiling hot & damp summers (=no damp hair hanging down on your sweaty neck)…Great post, Paula! Loved it! 😀

  4. You can also have some fun – try out all the different wigs… all different styles & colors that you wanted to try but never did 🙂 Now is your chance! I hope you are feeling well!

  5. IAfter finally growing my hair after transplant a year ago, I have decided my new short locks have been worth the wait. My hair is now curly with lots of body. It is so easy to take care of and I get lots of compliments. My hair was always very straight before so I am really enjoying. One of the few good things from chemo– besides killing cancer cells! Take care, love Kris

  6. Thank you! I needed a good laugh – and you are so right about the shower being quicker. My boyfriend is amazed at how quickly I can get ready now!

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