Husbands – Don’t you just love ‘um!

As is the general scheme of things you find yourself a husband, not perfect, but who is.  You spend the next 16 years and 196 days fine tuning said husband.  You ignore comments from a friend who suggests that a sharp tongue would get you there faster because you don’t want to be a nag.  You accept that

a)  some of the information you impart doesn’t get listened to

b)  other information gets heard but not retained

c)  yet more information that is retained bears absolutely no resemblance to what you actually said

but after 16 years and 196 days you consider that you know when a, b or c is happening and then you find yourself stranded at the bone marrow transplant unit for two hours with your husband missing in action!

B dropped me off at the main entrance at 11:00.  I went up to the unit for my blood taken and the antibiotic inhaler.  When this was all finished about 40 minutes later I started to wonder where B may be!  We’d had a conversation about where the blood would be taken and whether he’d see me in phlebotomy so I wander down there.  No sign.  I had my mobile but B leaves his in the cars for emergencies so when I tried it it was switched off.  Walked over to the car park and along every floor until I got to level six and our car was the final one I came to.  Walked back to the hospital and went back up to the unit where Joan, the knitter, said B hadn’t put an appearance in yet!  I was given a glass of orange juice to revive me.  I got offered a comfy chair in their restroom* but we decided I’d be better on the ‘landing’ settee so I didn’t miss him. 

By this time it was 12:00.  An hour later, after a few enquiries as to where B could be, my mobile rings.  Somehow, I thought, this will be my fault.

B:  ‘Where are you?’

Me:  ‘Floor 10.’

B:  ‘What are you doing there?  I’m on the car park.  I had to get my mobile.  I’ve been waiting two hours in the clinic.’

Me:  ‘Why?’

B:  ‘Because that’s where you said you’d be!’

So we finally met up on the ground floor.

B:  ‘You said you’d be where we where last week.’

Me:  ‘I was.’

B:  ‘No, we were at the clinic on Friday.’

Me:  ‘Yes, but have they ever taken blood at the clinic, no.  They take blood at the unit or phlebotomy.’

B:  ‘Yes, but we were at the clinic on Friday.’

We agreed to disagree.  Well, obviously it wasn’t that simple, we had to agree to disagree several times on the way home and then once again in front of the next door neighbour and his lady friend.

Now if I had a suspicious nature I could think this was a cunning plan on B’s behalf.  We drive past an interesting looking park on one of the routes home and I had expressed an interest several (hundred) times in going for a walk there.  B however expressed concern about the salubriousness of the area.  This was not in the interests of my personal safety you understand but the safety of the car!  A scouse friend was a bit non committal at the beginning of the week when B asked about the area.  Her husband grew up round there and at the time it didn’t have the best of reputations.  However by the time we’d walked back up to the car I didn’t have the energy to either convince B it was a good idea or walk round the park as it had a ton of steps.

Blood results were all good – HB and WBC similar to Friday and platelets up to 300+.

*  Beth – They weren’t offering me a seat in the toilets!


5 responses to “Husbands – Don’t you just love ‘um!

  1. There is something to be said for the English Language. The Rest Room is a Resting Room over here it is, as you are aware, a toilet. that is too funny. I am so happy you are doing well and yes husbands have their own way of interpreting things..Won’t Change. Take care and have a great weekend. We are off to Europe on Tuesday, My 6 month check up was clean so I can only hope this will be you this time next year. Take care!!!

  2. Fere,
    You know the rules. We husbands are made and given to you to be loved all over warts and all. Slowly and slowly you are converting him to you to how you want.
    Good results posted, that will give you a buzz.
    Keep on loving.

  3. And YOURS doesn’t have the excuse of: deafness / old age / alzheimers. So… are all husbands the SAME?!

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