We Have Figures

We went to the hospital this morning, allllllllllll this morning in fact, I know this because B kept stating things to this effect.  There at 9:03 approximately out at 12:20ish so maybe he had a point but it was worth the wait.



HB – 8.8*

Platelets – 28

WBC – 2.5*

* These both dropped the day after resulting in a GCSF injection (WBC 1.8) and the stopping of the Aunt’s visit


HB – 11.8

Platelets – 28

WBC 7.8

Normal range

HB – 11.8-14.8

Platelets – 150-400 (mine in March 242)

WBC – 3.5-11.0

Apparently my figures today are as good as could be hoped for three weeks post SCT!  I’ll take the nice doctor’s word for it.

Yesterday I had a recurrence of the rash I’d had previously, I thought the marks on my left arm when I woke up were either that or the way I’d slept on my arm.  Not much difference I know but by late afternoon I would have had to slept on well, everything, except my head.  I rang up the Bone Marrow Unit and they said I could take Periton if I itched but since no other symptoms and I’d had it before they’d check it out today.  Today however it’s very faint. 

The strange thing is I felt remarkably better yesterday and quite fantastic today.  The doc at the time said it was an engraftment rash and was a good sign.  Maybe it was my stem cells having another push.  No nap needed yesterday, really tired on getting up but so much better as day wore on and no nap again today.

I go back on Thursday for more blood tests and the inhaler antibiotic but I’ve actually been discharged from the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit.  How quick was that?  I thought it would be months.  And when the doc said ‘We’ll write to whoever referred you.’  There followed an arduous discussion about changing to them.

Me:   ‘Well actually I’ve enquired about changing consultants.’ 

Doc:  ‘Would you like to stay here with us?’

 I of course said I would need time to consider it, blah, blah, blah.  Yeah, right!  A short ‘Yes!’ 

‘Would like to continue care here’ written on notes and a clinic appointment with Myeloma doc in three weeks.  How simple was that?

When we first sat down, before wandering off for drinks twice, the lady behind me mentioned the doc in question.  So I tapped her on the shoulder  and asked what she thought of him after explaining why I was asking.  She’s been seeing him for 16 years and says he’s lovely and couldn’t recommend him highly enough but the need to point out that although she tends to call him doc he is actually prof. 

Whilst in the short queue for the second lot of drinks the man behind me, in some sort of nurseattire, coughed on the back of my head.  I was horrified but recovered by wiping hand sanitiser on it at the next available machine!

Yesterday we managed a walk in the park where I spent loads of time as a kid but where I hadn’t been in a lonnnnnnnnng time and we did something I haven’t done in donkey’s years – FED THE DUCKS!

Here’s a few pics…

Widdle fluffy ducklings!

Bigger ducks and puffed up swan, bottom left, is that some sort of courtship ritual?

Quarry garden.  When I was a girl, many moons ago, this was an aviary.  I know that’s where birds are kept but this was more guinea pigs, rabbits, oh and a peacock.  It permenantly had the heavenly aroma of rabbit poo!

The thought was there, somewhere!

Patriotic pigeon.

That cardy makes me look bulky, okay?  Okay!  I have actually finally lost 6kg not that I feel like it!  (Not much shifted at first but apparently I was holding water and even 2kg can make a big difference bulk wise on my slight frame – nurse’s words not mine.)

7 responses to “We Have Figures

  1. Sandy Banks

    Well I cannot see your face, but the rest of you looks quite lovely indeed… as to the puffy bird… I used to have exotics, but travel too much now and besides they fell in love with my neighbor’s husband (??) so they have them now.
    Back to puffy bird… they fluff out their feathers to make themselves look bigger than they are, thus intimidating any thing that might be considering them for a meal… they don’t know that they look even better to someone aiming at stuffing a pillow, tho. ha ha
    Sometimes they do it as a mating ritual, depending on the species. “Look at me, I have LOTS of feathers, and would make a desirable pil— ah, mate for you!”

    • Sandy, I need to send B to you for photography lessons to get beyond the ‘Yes you’re on it, there you go’ school of photography. He took three that was the best! ;D

  2. I won’t even get started on how I feel about people who don’t cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze…oooh, that makes me so mad! I mean, how bloody DIFFICULT is it to cough or sneeze into your sleeve? Oh, I had better change the subject quickly before I have a conniption… 😉

    I looooooved the widdle fluffy ducklings and the patriotic pigeon, hehe. And you look verrrrry fashionable! Keep going with those great numbers…and coax those plats to go up!

    Cheering you on from Firenze, Italia!

    • See that’s what you get for earwigging on somebody else’s conversation whilst typing (B was on the phone to his mum and speaking so loudly I could hear him upstairs) my Platelets were actually 170 yesterday! 😀

  3. It’s great to read that you’re feeling so well. AND that you get to stay with the myeloma doctor. The teabaggers here would be shocked to hear that you weren’t killed by socialized medicine. Was that too political?

  4. Glad to see you are doing so well and we can only pray for continued improvement. Have to keep making those lovely handbags!!! have a good week.

  5. Yay! You’re out in the sunshine! Loooking very punky and perky my dear!

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