Lost – The Final Episode

I caught up with up Lost yesterday which included watching the final episode!

What a cop out! I won’t give details in case anyone who intends to watch it hasn’t seen it yet. You might like it!

A friend suggested this ending at the end of the first season and I said ‘No, it will be way more imgainitive than that!’

Apparently not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Didn’t do much yesterday but managed to get to 16:15 before a nap attack. Then from about 20:00 it was nap, nap, nap, wake up for tea, nap, nap, bed. I don’t know how long I can maintain such a rigorous schedule – I may need to take it easy at some point!

3 responses to “Lost – The Final Episode

  1. I lost the plot weeks ago. 😉

  2. We managed to watch several episodes of the first season of “Lost” but never got into it. “Lost” lost Stefano and yours truly before the end of season 1. Didn’t even watch the beginning of season 2. The comments I have seen on the Final episode just confirm that we were right not to have wasted our time…:-D
    Glad you are feeling better but, boy, you’d better slow down, m’dear! Here, let me take a nap for you! 😉

  3. Sandy Banks

    It sounds as if “Lost” put you right to sleep! And of course sleep is Nature’s way of healing, so while it appears you are napping, your body is really busy! That’s your story and you can stick to it….

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