Blood Tests

We trundled off to the Royal yesterday for blood tests.  At 20:20 last night I found out they were fine.  This was completely my fault. 


We went to the supermarket on the way home, where I sat in the car knitting whilst B rang me with queries.  There were a couple (about 10).


When we got home we had lunch, I did a bit of knitting and then kipped the rest of the afternoon.  I dragged myself off the settee at 17:00 and rang the Royal but the nurse was sitting with the poorly patient from Friday.  Gill and Neil (eldest nephew) called soon after, then I phoned a friend I’d been meaning to ring since Friday but had been asleep previously at any appropriate time, then Auntie Ann phoned and I finally rang back after that.  I haven’t got any specific figures because I was too tired by that time but we go back for blood tests and to the clinic on Friday and I may then have in my possession my second ever set of blood results (the first being on the discharge sheet last week).


B dropped me off at the main entrance to the Royal but we walked back to the car park.  We were on level 6! 


B:  ‘Lift or stairs?’


Me:  ‘We’ll give the stairs a go.’


After six flights of nine steps each (I counted the last one) I was breathing like an asthmatic 103 year old.


We bumped into the Myeloma Nurse at the Royal, well I say bumped, B shouted to him as we sat in the storage cupboard/day unit and he walked past.   Jamie had been on the ward one day when B came in and when I had the little stem cells harvested.  He was helping out as they were short staffed. 


When Maggie popped the stem cells back in we had a discussion about consultants and she suggested I could always ask to stay there after I had been discharged from the Bone Marrow Unit.  I had spoken to the Practice Manager at our GP’s about changing a couple of months ago and there is another blood doctor locally who would be happy to take me.


With Jamie being the Myeloma Nurse we had mentioned it to him and yesterday he asked if we had pursued it.  The particular doc I needed to mention it to had called in a couple of times but I wasn’t really up to the discussion at the time.  So we are going to mention it at the clinic on Friday.  We would get a Myeloma doctor not a general blood doctor and Jamie as a Myeloma nurse, again not a general blood nurse.  Jamie said the doc in question would be flattered that I had asked to transfer!


Still feeling good but tired and my leg hairs still haven’t got the message that they need to fall out!

2 responses to “Blood Tests

  1. I had to go out and buy a razor last week, Mike took his into hospital with him (well I took it in) and my legs were not fit to be seen in public. Have you tried asking them nicely to move north for a while? 😉

  2. Sandy Banks

    It sounds like getting under the care of a MM specialist would be a good – and new – direction for the future… I feel certain they will take you.

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