Photo Shoot

Auntie Ann has taken the afternoon off to go for a photo shoot.  One of these glam-up things?  No.  She’s going to be a spec in the crowd!


Our local Rugby League team (The Saints) are getting a new stadium and this is the last season in the current one.  Auntie Ann has been going there since 1964 and so is paying £6.99 to sit in her seat in the stand (there’s something I’ve never understood, why the sit down bit is called the stand) while a team photo is taken in front of it.


There will be items for sale and AA intends to buy:


  • A copy of the photo signed by the first team and the coach


  • A copy of an aerial photo of the stadium


  • Her seat (there has been some mention of getting Uncle Ray to attach this to the back wall of the house)


Uncle Ray enquired as to what exactly she was going to do with the photos. 


Auntie Ann responded that she intended to put them up in the house.


Uncle Ray suggested they may not go with the decor – ‘I don’t think so!’


Auntie Ann suggested that he may not go with the decor – ‘Oh, yes they are.  If you don’t like it you know what you can do!’

Now I’m not saying AA is fanatical but when she found out where B was from, which is halfway between Saints and close rivals, Wigan, she told me I had to ‘kick him into touch’ if he supported them.

In other news

I’ve not been home five minutes (well, you know what I mean) and I just got a call from Occupational Health about calling out to see B’s mum this week.  I stuttered, stammered and paused and then said ‘I’ve only just got out of hospital, I can’t be mixing with people for a couple of weeks’ – because I was starting to sound simple.  The caller must have been think ‘Appointment yes, appointment no.  How hard is that?’

B rang his mum last night to see how she was and she wanted to know if he could call round to fix the curtain she’d ‘pulled down’.  ONE  of the curtain hooks has probably popped off.  She has blinds as well so it’s not like the neighbours would be gawping at her watching the telly.  Between 21:40 and 21:57 she managed to leave three messages (we didn’t hear the phone, honestly) asking for a call  but since Friday she’s not actually phoned us to see if I’m home, I know, I know, I could have called her but I basically haven’t got the energy to talk to her!

Meanwhile I’ve been waltzing round (not literally) in my jim jams on the basis that if I get dressed I may think I can do anything! 

Still feeling good and although tired first thing not quite as tired now.  I forgot my tablets on Saturday night.  I fell asleep on the settee and nelgected to take then before I staggered upstairs to bed and have forgotten the lansoprazole completely so it’s a good job it’s not essential – I feel a checklist coming on!

5 responses to “Photo Shoot

  1. Sandy Banks

    I feel an invention coming on… some kind of alarm clock that can be programmed and pops out a little drawer with the meds in it at just the right time for taking them? What do you think?

    Good on you that you stay in your jim-jams – that insufferable MIL probably has some dementia going on, but you definitely do not need to be stressing in, at, with or around her at this time…

    Keep on keeping on…

  2. Rest as much as you can and take advantage of this time off. A weird thing happened to me when I got back from my SCT. I lapsed into a few month period of apathy. I didn’t care about anything at all. I just wanted to lie on the couch and doze. One of my friends said that happened to her, too, so I wonder if it’s normal?

    • That’s pretty much how I feel at the moment, the lying on the couch and dozing, I’m not quite at the apathy yet, but thought it would pass once I started getting some energy back!

  3. Long may your eyebrows bristle!

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