Prepare to be Amazed

 Look at how much knitting I got done…


 1 x shawl square – 2nd one being detangled from line with scissors

Socks – I have turned the heel on both and started down the foot but this was the condition they were in when I took that out of the bag this morning.  I can sense a disturbance in the knitting force and another knitter in the North of Scotland tutting, as I did myself at the sight of them.


One and a bit Myeloma Buddies

I know, I know so much in so little time!

My holiday reading has solely comprised Under the Dome by Stephen King.  I got through nearly a quarter of that since I’ve been reading it in the library!

Audio books were Alan Whicker’s Journey of a Lifetime.  I’ve been listening to this before bed as he has one of those voices that aid sleep.  The other one was The Fog by James Herbert which as far as I listened is NOTHING like the film.  Although apparently James Cameron’s film is not based on the book so that could possibly be why.

Still on plan for going home today.  One of my first thoughts this morning was about getting in my own bed tonight.  I mentioned that our duvet was probably due for a change and was told that if this was the case it would be a good idea.  So I rang Auntie Ann and she’s going on a shopping spree today although did say ‘When I buy these things for me I take weeks’.  We’re going for a bigger duvet so that will mean a new duvet cover too!  But with the wonder of the web, after a call just to say they (Marks and Spencer, which is right next to Ikea but Auntie Ann doesn’t do Ikea after a shelving incident for us many years ago and practically lives in Marks) have hundreds, she’ll go back later and I can look it up and give exact details. 

I made a reference one morning to room service being slack and this happened to my napkin.

This morning I was a little smartarse and the order for breakfast was

‘A full English please’

‘And if that’s not available?’

‘I suppose porridge and a hot chocolate’

I got beans, bacon, sausage and scrambled eggs  and asked if I really wanted it when I looked astounded.  I didn’t eat it all but really enjoyed what I did, it’s the first proper food for about a week.  It’s been mostly soup and rice pudding oh, and two peas and an inch of pizza on Tuesday lunch.  Today’s mushroom soup for lunch was offered as extra tasty, truly scrumptious in fact as it’s the last.

My haemoglobin had dropped slightly yesterday but it may be due to a ‘woman thing’ (you know, unwelcome visit from an Aunt) and I’ve got some extra pills to take.

I’m shedding hair off my head like a short haired dog.  I just have to brush my sleeve against it and I’m covered.  However my leg hairs don’t seem to have got the message yet even with a bit of a tug.

I’ve been watching Predator today and am really feeling much better as indicated by Arnie’s bulging biceps bringing a big  smile to my face!

5 responses to “Prepare to be Amazed

  1. Sandy Banks

    If I was a knitter, I would knit you a cover for your noggin… over here I can find soft fabrics to make them, but currently do not have a sewing machine, so I will just intend that someone near you gives you such a cap… and intend that with it and your new duvet and cover you are crowned queen of your own domain!

  2. Not sure what is supposed to be wrong with the socks – have they come off the needles? Very impressed that you do two at a time – double prizes!
    I hope you complained that your napkin was not folded into a swan…?
    Hmmm the seagulls outside my new office window appear to be procreating. How utterly charming. I do hope yours are more polite.

    • It probably doesn’t show it on the pic but more than the needles having extraction themselves, of course, the state of the stitches on one of the socks was definitely not a simple ‘oops the needle came out’. Kinky seagulls – nice! Yes, mine were much more self respecting. ;D

  3. I’m surprised at the monthly visitor’s arrival! I thought that would be a thing of the past after so much chemo!

  4. Any sign of chicken soup yet? I know how much you like to share photos of your surroundings so when do we get to see the new quilt etc. 😉

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