Good Morning

It’s 8:11.  I’m up, showered, and eating a yoghurt with a digestive biscuit because I haven’t got a spoon and room service is obviously slacking and my breakfast order hasn’t been taken yet.

I should be going home tomorrow! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

The doc said yesterday about me going home today, and I was thinking if you want to see B produce enough kittens to drown us in here okay then.  The night nurse was the Bone Marrow Co-ordinator and she said at the beginning of the week the aim had been Friday!  I mentioned the possibility of today but that I would prefer Friday and she said it definitely wouldn’t be today because they need to observe temperature for 24 hours after antibiotics to make sure it stays down.  Well that’s a weight off.

When I told B what the doc said he stared and then said ‘No, Friday – I have a lot to do!’  Funnily enough I told my Auntie Ann last night and she said when her and Uncle Ray came to see me when I had the stem cells harvested there was a dazed looking man got in the lift with them leaving the unit who said ‘Well that was a shock!  She’s coming home tomorrow!  I’ve got so much to do!’

I got to go outside yesterday – outside.  The nurse in the afternoon had said that if I wanted I could go for a stroll round the unit and I was a little oh, okay, or I could even go off the unit for a wander between 18:00 and 20:00 because it’s very quiet then.  So when Auntie came we were going to go for a coffee but I decided to untangle some wool first so when we set off at 19:15 the coffee shop was shut so we just went for a wander around the quieter day unit areas of the hospital.  I had my pump in one of the gift bags I use for my knitting as I thought if I used it as a clutch bag I’ll end up bouncing it along the floor.  I got dressed.  I only had boots with me as I don’t do slippers but I wouldn’t have felt comfy wandering round in my jim jams anyway.  But you know what I did feel relatively comfy doing (following a brief discussion before we left the room) walking round with hardly any hair.  I was a little self conscious a couple of times.  We ended up at one of the back doors and went and stood in the fresh air (which was so good) and I could feel the slight breeze on my head and then caught a glimpse of myself in some glass and had a little ‘Oh, I have no hair’ moment.  I know I’ve mentioned this before but I really cannot explain how strange this is to me.  I thought I’d be wearing the wig in the house and if I had taken it off and had to answer the door would be rushing round to find it first.  I would never go for a night out with my hair up it always had to be flowing.  Maybe it’s because I have felt quite crappy at times that it just doesn’t matter now I’m feeling so much better.

So I’m looking forward to being back in my own bed, B being off next week

‘Can I have…

a spoon

an extra blanket

some more milk in my tea

just one sweet

another ball of wool

a Sunday roast

another sweet

a fresh cup of tea

some lime cordial just a hint with some cool but not cold water

my pillow plumped

my feet rubbed

some homemade soup’

‘Well, I really don’t think there was any need for that!’

Speaking of homemade soup, one of the lovely Health Care Assistants, who knits, and I were discussing soup yesterday and she was saying how clear soup would be good like chicken noodle.  All B would have to do is cook the chicken… HAHAHAHAHAHAHA  I mentioned it to B. 

‘Where do I get that from?’ 

‘Well you need to cook a chicken’

‘What, well you won’t get that today.’

‘You mean I might get some tomorrow?’ 

Apparently not.

6 responses to “Good Morning

  1. Good morning petal. Glad to read you sounding so cheerful. (Does that even make sense?)

    Mike has taken to wandering to WH Smith to buy his daily paper, saves me the bother thank goodness and the complaints that it was a day late if I forgot to bring it in. Trouble is he usually ends up buying chocolate too. I wouldn’t mind but he buys Bounty and I hate them!

  2. Great to hear you cheery!

    I am sure B can learn to cook a chicken! Just shove it in the oven, man! And if you want to be posh add salt and pepper and a lemon up its backside.

    Oh – sorry, meant to say – you need to switch the oven on and use a baking dish.


    • You could have met Bernard – I once had a really bad migraine and refused to get tea and as the steak needed to be used by that day B decided to give it a go – apparently I neglected to tell him to put the lid on the pan of potatoes! 😀 (He has improved a bit since then his repertoire now extends to a pasta dish, bacon butties and steak.

  3. Great news, Paula, going home will certainly do you loads of GOOD…though I must say, if I had been in your shoes, and my Stefano had made the “Well that was a shock…I’ve got so much to do” comments, I might have waved my wand, turned him into a chicken and cooked him for dinner. 😉

    Well, the way I see things, the only way that B can redeem himself is if he learns how to make you some chicken soup…I mean, really, it’s the easiest thing in the world…you must have a cookbook in your home…easy peasy, as Jamie Oliver says…

    Keep going strong, kiddo!

  4. Sandy Banks

    Good news!! Tell B that all he has to do is jam that bird into a pot with a cover, put some seasonings in (salt, pepper, parsley) and after it comes to a boil, let it simmer for a few hours. There it is…

  5. Gill Kilgallon

    Wonderful news!!! Can’t wait to see ya…
    Guess wot an elderly gentleman said to me today in the chemist.
    “I’m not being funny love but… your dogs face is as ugly as a tom cat’s arse on a frosty morning”.
    I just couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know him from Adam. This lady who was standing by me could see that I was absolutely aghast and unable to reply. So she said to him “I’m not being funny love but… have you looked in the mirror lately, you’re not such a pretty picture yourself…”
    and then she just carried on browsing on the shelf.
    Wot a funny experience. I was going to take Bennie over to the park after the chemist to eat our pie but we came straight home!!!!!!!!!

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