WOW A craft related post

Before my holiday I made a few cards because we sem to have a few birthdays, April, May and June and a few other things.


This was a thank you card for a birthday present.  I was lazy and emailed everybody else!


Two birthday cards.  When my sister-in-law, Gill, said a friend of hers wanted a sewing machine for card making I did think WHAT!  Having had a little go I’m quite impressed and am sure the possiblities are endless.

Brithday cards for my nephews.

Birthday card for my Auntie Ann whose birthday is today and is shared by her dog Ben!

This one hasn’t show up very well but the little petals actually have a glazed appereance something I’ve admired on Gill’s cards for a while.  This one was a little over due (March!) but I was let off and it went this this glass pendant, which I made myself ie, strung on a card but considering the trouble I had with the clasp I think I could have hand blown the glass in the same time.

I love the way it changes when the light hits it in different ways.

I’ve never made a sympathy card before as I always thought an appropriate verse was needed and that the verse made it personal.  Then whilst making the others, one of which was a Brithday card for the same friend who had lost her Auntie, who was in her 80’s and they have always been really, really close along with Karen’s Mum, I kind of realised that because I put the thought into making it instead of standing in a shop picking a verse written by someone else it ultimately amounted to the same thing.

I’m feeling much better today, temp normal so far, good night’s sleep, still on the antibiotics, some thought to taking the line out as this may be the cause but since more anitibiotics and pump still needed too many other things would need to be inserted so leaving until tomorrow.

Oh, and there was a boo boo on one of the cards, which I did correct before sending out – first person to spot it gets a free Myeloma Buddy!


6 responses to “WOW A craft related post

  1. Shirley Brewer

    Hi Paula,

    Your boo boo, is it on your sister in laws card, a letter missing from birthday?

    Glad your feeling better today.

    Shirley x

  2. Happy Birtday! 😉 The missing letter is “h”…
    Shirley wins, though!
    Glad to read you are feeling better today. Onwards and upwards! 😀

  3. Great skill, great crafts.
    Where can I buy an Aunty like you?

  4. Sandy Banks

    Your creative juices are going to have a healing effect, I am certain. What a lovely gift to send to various individuals!

  5. A sewing machine for greeting cards… that’s genius. I’m stealing that idea; hope you don’t mind!

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