Is it polite table etiquette anywhere in the world to throw up on the rice pudding? Thought not.

We’ll cut in with the good news first I have a normal amount of neturophils, they jumped up today.  Although as Maggie, one of the nurses, explained it they are not mature they are adolescents so I still need to be careful with them.  I’m thinking I should maybe make them stay home and do their homework instead of going out partying.

So I was feeling better yesterday morning but by the end of the day not so hot.  B came to visit between 16:00 and 18:10 and I basically nodded off and woke up saying things like…

Me:  ‘Can I have a tissue?’

B ‘There you go!’  Offering me the box  and I took two.  Now I don’t know if he asked what I wanted them for or not but…

Me:  ‘It’s to put lotion in my eyes’.

B:  ‘Where is it?’

Me:   ‘I haven’t got any!’

And then Auntie Ann visited and I didn’t do that bad but later on I could barely keep my eyes open but didn’t want to go to bed until I’d finished the IV antibiotics and stuff.  Fred (you know the ruthless one) offered me, as I hadn’t slept very well the night before some night sedation and brought them in and then it went a bit pear shaped.  Fred took my temperature and it was 38.2 and that my SATS were late 80s and early 90s after big breaths (should be 96 to 100).  So she advised against the sleeping pill because the last thing I needed was slowed respiration.  Fred said she would check in on me regularly which she did because I tended not to sleep very well. 

Fred said I looked really fed up – but I didn’t really feel it just really, really tired but couldn’t sleep.

Temp was 38.2 again this morning but she couldn’t give me any more paracetemol until 6:00 which she did on the dot.  So I felt really rough and stayed in bed until 8:40 when all the current IV’s had gone through.  And you know what I was still first up!

There had been a flood last night so it was a bit chaotic and I desperately wanted a shower but with one thing and another, visitors IVs, no showering or using the toilet until unblocked, I didn’t get one until 16:30!

So the registrar said this morning I may be able to go home tomorrow or Thursday but seemed to be pushing tomorrow and instead of thinking yay, home – I thought I’ve got a rash that you said my cover me not all over not  just my hands and arms, I had a temperate over 38, I felt like crap this morning, I’ve just had a chest x-ray,  I was sick in my rice pudding yesterday and my poo is still green – I don’t want to go home yet!

I think Vincent the very  nice younger doctor may have picked up on the incredulous look on my face and said with the antibiotics and bloods tomorrow (which were then taken today) it would more likely be Thursday or even Friday. 

Chris came to see me this afternoon and my Auntie Eleanor (on the bus, it’s about 12 miles) and when she was leaving, she kissed me on the cheek and then put her hands to my cheeks and said I was burning up, Auntie En checked and confirmed.  So the nurse took my temp and it was 38.7!  So there was blood from my lines and a peripheral one, a wee sample, Vincent listened to my lungs again and they still sounded fine.

Maggie took my temperature again this about 20:00 and it was still 38.7 so I got a couple more paracetemol.  Whereas I did feel quite flushed this afternoon, tonight I don’t.

Fred just came on and apparently I look a lot better than light night and I do feel a lot better but temp is only slightly lower so Fred will put some IV paracetemol on as soon as she can whether I’m awake or not.  She also said it was quite interesting that my SATS had been so low and my neutrophils were obviously giving a big push.

So I now have two sleeping pills with instructions to take one and see how it goes as I’ve never taken anything like this before and I asked because I’m getting a 1000ml of saline over 8 hours whether I’d wake up if I needed a wee. 

As I’m feeling so much better tonight I am feeling a lot better about going home and here’s something I never thought I say, never, never, never having a skinhead doesn’t seem to worry me.  I offered to put my wig on for various visitors and they left it up to me and I didn’t.  Whether I’ll be the same in the ‘outside world’ I don’t know but when the radiographers came to do the chest x-ray it was only after they had been here a bit that I remembered!


7 responses to “Is it polite table etiquette anywhere in the world to throw up on the rice pudding? Thought not.

  1. So glad you are doing better! Going home is great – i think it will help you with the recovery process.

  2. I’m so glad you’ll be getting to go home in a few days. You’ll feel so much better at home. Really! I’m sorry you’ve had some rough times though. I hope all the drugs make it difficult to remember. Although you’ll have this blog to remind you whenever you need reminding.

    Also, you’re going to get used to being bald and not mind at all. I liked how fast getting ready in the morning was without having to worry about hair. I didn’t understand why some people called me “sir” though. I’m sure that, even bald, it would be strange to mistake me for a sir.

    Hang in there!

  3. Sandy Banks

    Well, you deserve to be knighted for what y’all have been through, so Sir Beth and Sir Paula, I salute you! I must be careful not to let the sword slip, though – it’s a wee bit heavy.

    And as for returning the rice pudding… well, I think there are some cultures where that is considered “de reguire” (sp?) but ’tis sorta frowned on in the various halls and castles near where you are, I expect. However, you ARE excused and we won’t hold it against you (or anyone else) and if you never care for it again, it is quite understandable.

    Keep on Keeping on… you are doing better and better every day!

  4. If they are adolescents maybe they would enjoy Fingerbobs too?

    I must be having some sort of mental breakdown, I’m obsessed with them!

  5. Okay, it’s bloody time for Mr. Bothersome Fever to take a bloody hike! Phooey on him!
    Going home sounds good, really good, though I know you will miss your tea tray (I would!)…
    Hang in there!

  6. Adolescents and SATS? Blimey – sounds like my house! Lots of people say they prefer a soft hat (silk?) instead of a wig. There’s a girl in our local waiting room who absolutely rocks a skull-print bandana. A wig sounds a bit too conservative for a purple-haired woman… unless it is fluoro green of course.

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