Owh, Owie, Owh

I was actually feeling more alert this morning, apparently I was the first up but I think an invisible vampire killer was trying to drive a stake through my chest. It did ease a fair bit after but I had some IV paracetemol and was sick which didn’t exactly help and then some Oramorph. I lay back down on the bed doing some yogaish breathing to relax whilst I had the IV. After shift change my nurse for the day Julie came by and got another painkiller prescribed from the doc!

The IV Stand and I are no longer on talking terms. It’s definitely off my Christmas Card list. After days of it causing my undergarments to be either on display wrapped inexplicably around various tubes of the machine itself or dragged along the floor last night I got it sorted so that I could get my bra off and on without the machine being involved. Was it happy about this? Obviously not!

I have my lap top in front of my comfy chair with the IV stand to the right of it plugging in behind the chair. Also featured in this little ensemble are a glass of Appletiser and a small pot of syrupy medicine. So the IV indicates that it’s reached the end of its current bag by beeping extremely noisily and irritatingly. I get up from the comfy chair and try to see if I can reach the call button without unplugging anything. It seems to have worked and then I notice the appletiser glass seems a little emptier and the floor seems a little wetter. Having run out of alcohol wipes I had to improvise with towels. So I dried the floor whilst waiting for the nurse to sort out the IV. Once she set it up to finish off the last bit I decided to do what I don’t know now but it was obviously a vitally important piece of tidying and managed to catch the liquid medicine with one of the tubes thus tipping it all over the table and somehow managed to knock the keyboard off as well resulting in little bits of plastic and screws on the floor.

So this was cleared up and I sat back to relax with a little knitting. Well that become knit a stitch, kind of shove a stitch sideways and then do goodness knows what with the next three. So I thought let’s go to bed because it was 1:30 by now and two hours of napping and ‘knitting’ five stitches take it out of you.

My holiday knitting is a pair of socks which are probably aimed at somebody with very small toes and a baby blanket knit in small squares and this was what I had on the needles. Well some of the stitches were on the needle, some weren’t and then some of the wool was still in the ball and some was wrapped in an impossibly intricate mess around various tubes. So after a brief amount of fiddling I did what as a knitter I normally do under these circumstances, I patiently unravelled it – yeah right on this occasion I pulled the needle out of the tiny bit of square that had been knit and took the scissors to the tangle until it was free.

I started this this morning and then didn’t get round to posting because I have to say the pain got worse again and couldn’t really talk for a while but after copious quantities of painkillers this has eased up and I have managed to get half a tin of rice pudding down. Auntie Ann said when she visited today I actually looked less sleepy.

I had a shower this afternoon because I wasn’t disconnected from the IV enough at any point this morning and basically didn’t feel like it. So me and the IV had to shower together. Anyhoo I noticed that my hair seemed to be detaching from my head a little more than usual. I mentioned it to nurse Julie and apparently one of the Health Care Assistants is queen of the clippers. So Maureen came in with my rice pudding and asked if I was sure this was what I wanted. ‘What, the rice pudding?’ I showed that when I ran my hand through it was coming out and Maureen said it would start to come out in my sleep and get in my mouth and irritate generally. So after my rice pud Maureen gave me a number one. Apparently my head shape is alright! When I put my hand up to it when it was finished and went ‘Ohhh’ because of course it is a little surprising Maureen gave me a good squeeze. I’d had a shower but Mo said if I felt up to another it would get rid of any stragglers and as it turned out my hairy boobs. Maureen even asked if I wanted her to stay in the bedroom while I showered just in case!

Overall feeling not as tired but more pain/discomfort from chest. This should start to improve once counts start going up. They are just starting to increase slightly and I had a bag of platelets earlier which was a bit of an odd thought at first – that something that wasn’t mine was being used. Temp has been a bit up and down but not 38 or over like the other day.

I’ve always had sensitive skin but face skin gone into overdrive. The very natural but not organic skin care range I use normally is okay but now it stings and I’ve get red patches. Julie brought me some E45 cream to try but this is stingy too. I feel the need to send Bernard on an interesting shopping trip!


3 responses to “Owh, Owie, Owh

  1. Hey there, I hope the pain and discomfort have subsided by the time you read this. What a shame! 😦

    And your IV Stand is off my Christmas card list, too! Bad bad boy…

    Take it easy…and please stop tidying up…that sounds like a rather dangerous occupation right now…!

  2. Re: The Knitting Tangle.

    Good choice to use scissors. That is exactly what I would have done, I have zero patience when it comes to unravelling things. The only reason the garden hose and lawn mower cables escape is I don’t want to buy new ones!

    Mike hasn’t tried using his IV stand for shopping yet, although I did see someone off his ward who was. She’d bought herself some mags and chocolate from WH Smiths and promptly hung the bag along side her saline!

  3. It would be worth asking a doctor about your red patches – you might make them worse with an off-the-shelf cream. It might amuse you to hear that I too am stricken by red patches … and my eyebrows have fallen out! And I haven’t got a good medical reason for either symptom. Do you still have eyebrows? If so, I am jealous!

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