Updated green poo

Poo still green – Check.

Decided to do some knitting in bed this morning until the nurse was able to disentangle me from the IV pump and my bra.  Realised that sock also needed some unravelling from unknit stitches and me generally.

Only got to have shower at 11:30 because people seem t think you are here for their purposes!

Had peak in temperature this afternoon 38 and then 38.2 so had blood taken from lines, arm, poo and wee samples, chest xray and general exam.  Seemed otherwise OK so two lots of antibiotics given.

Still ocassionally sick – fine, sick, fine!  Syrupy med brings it on but just manageing to hold it down at the moment.

Mouth still bit sore, but spot inside chest really sore when eating and drinking.  Morphine has been added to pump.

Frightened life out of Auntie Ann this afternoon.  She was sitting in plastic chair next to my comfy one and my feet dangled towards her lap and occassionally brushed it.  I nodded off for seconds and woke with one of those movements thank make you body jerk.  Bit of a BOO!

The guy in the next room who is having same treatment/same schedule asked of the nurses how come I was in the chair using the computer and he felt like he did.  Apparently she answered it was because I’m a woman!


4 responses to “Updated green poo

  1. Now THIS might be a good topic for discussion in the MM support groups: “green poo…why???”
    Loved the Auntie Ann story…poor dear! 🙂
    Your nurses are RIGHT ON!!!
    You rule, girl!
    Ciao from Florence…where it is raining AGAIN today…

  2. What type of green? Is there some sort of colour chart that can be used in such circumstances? I know babies have funny coloured poo, maybe it has something to do with all those baby stem cells?

    Boo to the sore spot in your chest. Hooray that you seem to be doing so much better than a silly man. (They are such drama queens you know) 😉

  3. Sandy Banks

    There is a book over here called “What Your Poo is Telling You,” which I might send you one of these days… has a brown cover, though. Perhaps the fellow who is doing the same thing you are doing needs to take up knitting to feel better…. glad you are mending – and knitting.

  4. You seem to be doing so well and knitting so soon too,
    Wow! you really rock lady x

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