I stayed awake just long enough but it was a near thing!

Well I don’t know where you’ve been but I was obviously enjoying my holiday so much I lost track of the time.  I thought I’d posted Monday and Tuesday (although I’d done one but not published it) and then just had  this morning to catch up on because of internet upgrade.

So since this is not the cause here’s the highlights I can recall

On and off problem with vomiting.  No nausea just nice food to oohn hello again.  Travel sickness pills/IV for this still very effective but zonk me out.

Everything coming out the conventional way is green or rather GREEN.  No griping stomach just green stuff.

IV potassium and calcium yesterday and today to help levels.  And more IV fluids as not drinking as much as normal.  Other levels fine.  GSCF injections started today to increase cell production.

Mouth bit sore, tongue frilly allegedly. 

Throat bit hoarse and that bit lower down where food seems  to stick at the best of times okay until I swallow and then needs a moment.  Had some painkillers for that earlier, not quite ready for steak and chips yet, still just yoghurt, nice going down still slightly soothing coming back.

Hickman Line fine.  It’s really hard to take your bra off the line if you didn’t make allowances when putting it on and your suddenly look patriotic fir some country in navy blue and pink!


2 responses to “I stayed awake just long enough but it was a near thing!

  1. A frilly tongue? Is that this year’s fashion? I was watching Project Runway last night and one of the contestants totally o-d’ed on the frills: the judges said she had sewed back-scrubbers onto her dress. Can you scrub your back with your tongue? Now THAT would be clever!

  2. Ah yes, something to be said for having small boobs like me. I can get away without the slingshot(sometimes) and they don’t get in the way of my golf swing. You’d think I’d be a better golfer by now. Sounds like things are still going pretty smoothly. Glad to hear it.

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