Blackcurrant Cordial and the Missing Knitting Needle

I thought I’d posted this on Tuesday but obviously not!  Sorry!

Well it took me from 20:30 to 23:30 to respond to my nephew’s text and I just hope what I eventually sent made since. I’d do it, nod off, open eyes, nod off.

Really off water – apparently it’s quite common – so fav at the moment is blakcurrant coridial with soda water because I’m liking the bubbles , must ask for a straw to reduce tooth rotting!

My mobile broadband limit is being upgraded today which means I won’t be able to connect to the internet, the world, from some point this morning until tomorrow – arghghghghg – well I’ll probably be asleep anyway.

Cottage pie I had for late lunch yesterday was very nice but not quite as good second time round. I’d taken my night time medication, started to do my mouthwash routine and the new bottle of anti fungal stuff just made me barf. Fine before and fine after.   The nurse collected and went back to her midnight lunch!  I checked she wasn’t having cottage pie.

Concentration can wander a little – took me multiple goes to fill in my sick note and B ended up having to do the envelope. I spelled my surname wrong more than once.

Ooohhhhhh, and I’m having a knitting crisis – I’ve, believe it or not, mislaid a knitting needle. In my stupor it must have slipped out of the few stitches on it and I don’t know disappeared down the side of the chair! I only read about this happening the other day and that knitter literally stripped down a hire car only to find it behind her ear – I’ve checked! Okay! Fortunately I have project two to fall asleep with instead.


6 responses to “Blackcurrant Cordial and the Missing Knitting Needle

  1. Did you hear about the knitter who tripped and lodged a needle into her chest? She didn’t realize anything was wrong until a friend pointed out to her that there was a knitting needle protruding from her. She felt a little pain when she fell, and just didn’t do a body check to make sure there’d been no impaling.

    The moral of the story is that you should do a quick examination whenever you lose a knitting needle.

    Be aware that I read about every other sentence of an article, and probably only 2 words from each of those sentences. I’m known for getting facts mixed up (wrong).

  2. Good to hear you are knitting! Hope the food stays good and stays down.

  3. I’m with Roobeedoo. Today’s words are: good and down!

    Beth, after reading that story I have decided to stay in bed all day and not move an inch! 😉 Seriously, though, Paula, check your chest and have someone check your back, will ya? Scary!

    Looking forward to more updates… I have a bunch of new funnies, but you probably aren’t up to ’em, let me know when you are, though! Ciao from Firenze! 😀

  4. Since this post title appeared on my blog list on Tuesday I have been convinced that an Agatha Christie novel had been played out at the Royal. I had visions of B with the lost needle, stirring some toxin into your glass of blackcurrant cordial, a murder with one’s own needle!

    Sorry I got lost in the moment there. Must be lack of sleep!

  5. Sandy Banks

    It’s the butler, in the pantry, with the knitting needle… or I haven’t a Clue… haha… glad you are sipping cordials and still smiling…

  6. Gill Kilgallon

    Don’t you be ‘going off’ cottage pie. I just bought an Asda’s Extra Special one to bring in on Saturday. The Asda’s own was on BOGOF but I refused to be tempted!!!

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