Have a Card!

I was going to post my card making efforts from last week and still will but in the mean time here’s one from me to you.  Sorry didn’t have a bi-sexual one no, I think I meant unisex one!

Otherwise all is okay, food still moving in right direction albeit loosely, but there’s a pill for that too.  Motion sickness tabs still making me nod off but better than other.  Just doing this now before next one and then I’ll be attempting Homer Simpson impression and drooling with mouth open – so fetching.  No, nobody is getting a picture of that, Beth!


10 responses to “Have a Card!

  1. I reckon everyone likes roses!
    Glad to hear your nose has calmed down!

  2. What does a bi-sexual card look like I wonder? A lady fishing in a flowery dress? A man sitting doing his knitting? (And before anyone kicks me, Mike can knit and sew, so I’m not being sexist, so there! ;p ) My other suggestions aren’t fit for publication.

  3. Gill Kilgallon

    Hiya – wot a bootifull card… why can’t it be my birthday next week!!!!
    So pleased that everything is on track and everything is going as expected.
    My mum is ok – there’s a bug going around the home however and today I feel a little queasy!!!!!!!
    I’ll wait to see what develops but needless to say I’m not going to risk passing anything onto you and will have to stay in touch via laptop and mobile if necessary. Mary came yesterday and was decidedly disgruntled when she noticed that everyone had two yorkshire pudding and she had only one. I had to redeem myself by giving her an extra large piece of cheesecake. Don’t think it passified her though and to punish me she insisted on talking all the way through Over the Rainbow….
    So keep your chin up, am missing you loads and can’t wait to see you. Remember I plan to give you one of my totally relaxing coconut balm foot massages when you are up to it. Now that should keep ‘your pecker up’…
    Love and Hugs Gill xxx

  4. Lorna took a picture of Mike sleeping for her blog, so maybe B would get a shot of you?

  5. Sandy Banks

    Very lovely card… and you are doing really well, it sounds like, so I will keep intending and praying for continued success in this matter.
    I like Lorna’s idea for cards…

  6. Gill Kilgallon

    What a wonderful day…… It got off to a bad start at 7.30 this morning. Mary rang for Stephen. He’s not here I told her he’s already left for work. She had rang him at 11.30 pm last night in a total and absolute flap and and when he went up … what was the problem… the $^&*^%$ bulb had gone in the bathroom. Now I don’t want to be accused of interfering but surely it could have waited til this morning. He had already called yesterday on the way to work to sort out some other lighting problem.
    Anyway, let’s not pick on Mary. My dad is driving me bonkers. Whilst my mum is in respite he has decided to become a domestic goddess – which basically involves me following him around everywhere to try to avoid one disaster following another. He had put all my mum’s white underwear including sloggi knickers (not primarks) in with his black and brown gardening gear and put her delicate silk camisoles and delicately knitted cardigans on a 90 degree plus boil wash!!!!!
    Honest P I feel like emigrating. When I got to the care home tonight I got rollocked because someone had been out to assess her needs which my mum basically translates into “poking her nose” in. I had nothing to do with the visit and was there at a meeting with a social services lady yesterday so I was totally in the dark about this one.
    And then by the time I got home I had obviously missed Bernard as he must have gone to work, your phone was on voicemail so I thought I know, I’ll ring the ward… BIG mistake. When I finally got through to Switch board I give them your details, name, what you were in for, room no etc. and she transferred me to what I thought would be the ward. No. Can I help you this voice said. I’m just enquiring about my sister- in-law Paula Kigallon. How do you spell Kilgannon she asked. The questions went on and she must have said “just hold the line” a dozen times.
    I said is there a problem. It’s staff handover she replied!!!!
    Anyway, 10 minutes later I could hear her asking about Paula to the other staff. Someone in the background said “oh yeah, she’s been discharged”. Bloody hell I thought I know she was doing well but surely that’s a bit soon…
    When she came back on the phone I asked her which department she was in. She said I work on A & E reception. I didn’t swear and simly said put me back to the switchboad NOW!!!!
    Anyway, I eventually got through to “your team” and spoke to a lovely nurse who explained that you were sitting in your chair knitting. They are so nice P she was talking for ages to me about you. I told her I’d picked up a bug at the home but was feeling alright now and she said I should be able to come in at the weekend to see you. I could even wear a mask if I preferred.
    I’ll be in touch obviously before I come, mainly to get your food order.
    So bye for now. I’m gonna go and do my dad’s ironing. Can you believe my mum actually irons his underpants and sox and also irons towels and tea towels. He absolutely couldn’t believe it when I was just gonna put this stuff back in his drawer without ironing it….
    Luv & Hugs, Gill xxx

  7. Gill Kilgallon

    Oops just seen how long my comment was. I forgot I was on your blog and thought I was e-mailing. Sorry.. Still I feel better now for getting it off my chest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Gill Kilgallon

    Forgot to ask on the phone just. Do you want me to bring my decorating shears in on Saturday? You know I’m a dab hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Phew what a relief. Thanks Gill for updating on Paula’s health. I have to say we were all getting a tad worried, but it sounds as if she’s on the mend. x

  10. Gill Kilgallon

    Hi Lorna,
    I’m getting used to this blogging malarky. It’s great. When I spoke to P last night on the phone she sounded ok. It was a terrible connection and I couldn’t really hear alot of what she was saying. I just kept laughing when she did! Her mouth is really dry and she says she is extremely tired. Still, she’s doing her knitting and appears to be coping really well. I’m going to see her on Saturday which I’m really looking forward to.
    Speak soon. Gill xx

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