New High Fashion Look for Liverpool Nightlife

One pair nearly matching jim jams – dark grey and peach bottoms with and cream top accompanied by spotted cream and pink bra (as we know now I didn’t follow Lorna’s advice and get a vest) covered with the odd splatter of blood

Stripey socks

Bunch of tissue paper pressed to base of nose

Plastic glove filled with ice, knotted and pressed to bridge of nose as improvised ice compress. 


After party wear – two tones of peach pj bottoms and peach top all completely bloodless.

Apparantley nose bleeds can be a sign that platelets are dropping and are nothing to worry out plus the sertraline I take for the steroid induced OCD thins the blood too.  Steriods have been kept to a miniumum with non before and four since the transplant the last being tomorrow and so far no OCD which is fantastic.

No more vomiting the motion sickness tablets are really affective but do knock me out a bit, but this sleepiness sometimes wears off without altering the effectiveness of the anti sickness


More things learned

Way more jim jams needed than first thought

It’s harder to hit a jug than you ever thought possible

You find one hospital meal that was gorgeous and now get nausea even thinking about it whilst typing because you threw it up and everything else sucks!


6 responses to “New High Fashion Look for Liverpool Nightlife

  1. Sandy Banks

    It is a “get-thru” time, so eat to live and don’t expect the favorites to be appealing. It sucks – a big one – to be sick at all and I hate – really hate – heaving, so my deepest sympathies go out to you now and I am praying and intending for the worse of it to be over soon so you can start the recovery part.

    I’ll keep it short… just know I’m out here thinking of you.

  2. I’m with Sandy…hope you stop … soon…bloody ‘ell!
    Nice socks, though! 🙂

  3. Gosh, I hope you feel better. Can you try ativan and compazine for that nausea?

  4. 1)You’ve got lovely feet.
    2) What did the jug do that makes you want to hit it?
    3) Hope that it has all stayed where it should today.

  5. Our hospital has pretty good food actually but by halfway
    through Tim’s transplant, he could not stand to even smell
    any of it. What is this motion sickness pill they are using on
    you? I had terrible 24 hour nausea when I was pregnant
    and I actually think it was caused by the vertigo I had from
    the hormones. Wish I had figured this out then and I probably could have spared myself some really bad months.
    It is wonderful to hear how well you are feeling. Fantastic news! The women Tim transplanted with had to wee in these huge plastic things that looked like an upside-down sun hat. They had to place it on the toilet, go, and then pick it up and funnel the contents into a jug to measure output. Kinda makes ya wish ya had a willie just for aiming purposes….well for 2 weeks anyway. ;o)

  6. All well and good Denise but these might still need some target practice. Ahtough I’m sure they can’t be as hard to aim as some men would have you think! ;D

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