Well lookie here I could be bothered

Fantasically uneventful night and I feel really good at the moment.

Have been wondering what time breakfast will be here unlike yesterday – just placed my order, cornflakes and milk, orange juice and hot chocolate!

Done a bit of yoga – didn’t do the whole 60 min rise and shine routine though blamed it on the sun shining through the window and making me warm so turned down air conditioning and can always do some more later.

The motion sickness tablet really seems to have knocked the vomiting on the head so I intend to keep on taking them as I think the benefit far out ways the sleepiness.

I may even do a craft related post after!

Hope you all feel as well as I do at this exact moment in time! ;D

4 responses to “Well lookie here I could be bothered

  1. Good to hear everything is going so well. x

  2. Sandy Banks

    I drank too much black tea at the Chinese Restaurant, so I’m wide awake and pondering “The Meaning of Life,” Monty Python style… I’m doing some research on the Red Resihi (Japanese) mushrooms as they are touted as being quite fab for heart and blood disorders. I am not the researcher that Margaret is, but will forward my findings to her and perhaps it will be enough for some serious consideration in the future.
    Meanwhile, it is great that you are feeling upbeat and preparing for Yoga… I intend you have another positive day!

  3. Do you have a blog, Sandy?

    Paula, do you live a pretty pure life? I read that chemo affects one more dramatically if one’s not accustomed to many toxins. In fact, people who smoke and drink have few side effects to chemo than those who don’t. Or was it the stem cell infusion itself that made you feel so bad? That was my situation. The stem cells made me feel just terrible. They had to put them in over 2 days.

    Gosh, I’m glad you’re feeling better. I hope you can put the basins away!

  4. Yay, relieved to see an update, Paula…I will be able to sleep tonight, phew. 🙂

    I will have to send you a couple of funnies…need to go through what my blog readers have sent me recently…

    Keep laughing! 😀 Your pal in Florence…Italy, not South Carolina…

    P.S. Sandy: it just so happens that I am taking a Reishi extract right now…not sure if it’s the Red variety, though…anyway, send me anything you like…always happy to receive new stuff!

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