Rose Tinted Cardigan

Here it is finally finished… modelled by my stunt double.

Pattern is not my own but one from Vogue Knitting and is in an aran weight.  It’s definately more feminine than I would normally knit but I love it.  B attempted to take photos of me in it but obviously they were quality and it looks much better on the mannequin.

The bear’s paws on the end of the sleeves don’t look quite like that when in it’s on but not suprisingly B’s mum has stated that I seem to have made the sleeves to long, and they may be but as far as Mary’s concerned ‘It’s the pattern’.

 Sleeve edge detail.

6 responses to “Rose Tinted Cardigan

  1. Please model it! Please!

    Did you make a space for the hickman to dangle through?

  2. This is lovely and a perfect colour – clever lady.

  3. Sandy Banks

    What a glorious color! It almost matches my neighbor’s rhodedendrons or the azeleas across the street and reminds me of raspberry sorbet – quite delicious.
    I am in awe of your knitting skills….

  4. Ooh! That’s gorgeous! Which issue of Vogue Knitting? I am off to Ravelry to find out!

    • Can’t just remember at the minute but not a really old one couple of years maybe. Had a quick shuftty on line but front cover pick not jumptin out at the memoment. Otherwise if you don’t find I’ve let you know when I get home. No point asking B to have a look!;)

      • I’m going to try that one again in some semblence of english. Obviously still more drug affected than I thought.
        I’ve had a look on line but the front cover did not jump out. Will have a look when I get home if you don’t find sooner.
        No point asking B, as even though he would be all over my first comment with a red pen, couldn’t find knitting pattern with a bloodhound and the SAS!

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