Boy, are you gonna be sick of me – Here’s a pre bedtime update

Apart from general sleepiness from anti sickness meds – which are doing a wonderful job at the moment – still feeling okay.

Acutal hopsital food is not exactly enticing – so going to get some ready meals shipped in. The ward can do beans, spagehetti on toast, soup, jellies and ice cream.

Food has only left me in the appropriate, but not polite conversation, fashion.  I’ve managed a little knitting between the nodding off and some visitors.  My Auntie Ann who brought me freshly washed pyjamas and spiced ice buns (which are okay, unlike the previous trifles which were a no, no – food as well as undergarments gets complicated) and Chris who brought me nothing – which I have to admit was what I wanted but she surprised me by coming early as I had meant to ring her because I had a craving from some Haribo sweets and she always has little bags for the grandkids.  Anyway B got me some here.

Well I am going to try and fit in at least ohhh, two rows of knitting before nodding off again.

Let’s all see if we can get a good night’s sleep. x


4 responses to “Boy, are you gonna be sick of me – Here’s a pre bedtime update

  1. Sweet dreams of Haribo and spiced ice buns. x

  2. It’s me again. Hope the knitting is still going well. Mike has joined you on the anti-sickness meds. See I told you he’s trying to keep up with you. 😉

  3. Uhm, did I read “spaghetti ON toast”? I hope that was a typo…if not, I completely agree that you need food brought in from the outside!

  4. Fed up with visiting Mike now and fancy a change of scene. So I’m ready to deliver food to Liverpool. I’m a really good cook, if I say it myself. Not much slower than a pizza if you order at the right time 😉

    What is madame’s pleasure?

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