Don’t rock the boat or you’ll probably puke

Had the melphalan yesterday with hospital ice lolly of unidentifiable bland flavour. Slightly warm feeling and apparently went quite pink but yes pretty unclimactic.

Felt fine until about 23:00 when syrupy med resulted in dramatic return of curry and rice from teatime in the general direction of the toilet.  From then on fine lying down of sitting quietly but any swift movement of getting up resulting in the need for the bowls now strategically dotted about the room. 

B arrived during the actual transplant and was rather underwhelmed – maybe thought orchestra and dancing girls not me and nurse Maggie  quietly chatting.

Since there was Piriton as an anti allergy med I was a little dozier than normal and then Maggie gave me an anti motion sickness tablet which seems to be going the job.  I’ve been to the loo without needing a bowl but this has made me even more sleepy so resulted in B spending an hour defending the earth from invading chickens via the laptop whilst I nodded.

Slight increase in temp after transplant, not high enough to be of concern, received two paracetemol and an eye will be kept on it!

Just finished round of dry toast and milk shake from about 17:00 and it looks like they are happy where they are!

I will try and post in a more timely manner tomorrow if I can be bothered, he he, no, I really mean if I’m not too dozy! ;p

When I originally typed the title it said – don’t rck the oat or you’l probly puke


3 responses to “Don’t rock the boat or you’ll probably puke

  1. Don’t watch him playing games or you WILL throw up! I can’t stand watching my kids zip around the screen zapping things! Hope all stays calm and peaceful (apart from the chickens of course.)

  2. I’m so glad you’re back among us and feeling ok. We were so worried here in the United States. I was going call out the troops to invade, just in case you needed rescued.

  3. Glad all is going well and you have managed to eat and keep it there! I did laughed at the first title – keep up the great work and you will soon be home X

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