‘Although to be fair if I could have avoided being here I probably would have done.’

 Beth, movies, movies? This is the NHS – I have a TEA TRAY, a view (well if I stand up or raise the bed to a ridiculously potentially leg breaking height) and hot and cold running nurses, what more could I ask for – movies?!?!  Actually I’ve got sky player  on my lap top, so yes I do.  And this month live TV is free online so I have that too!

Film of the Day – Lesbian Vampire Killers – Quote ‘Although to be fair if I could have avoided being here I probably would have done.’  Hence the title.

Because I have the boredom level of a 3 year old powered by sugar and food additives this morning’s little game was ‘Let’s get weighed before going to the toilet and again after’. If you should ever feel the need to try this here’s an important point – you need to remember what you weighed before for it to be any fun! But all is not lost you can then play ‘Let’s get weighed before and after a shower’. The worrying thing here is 64.2kg before and 64.0kg after – that’s either a lot of muck, before anyone else comments, or  my new jim jams are weigh less, they are short sleeved after all and lower in the neck line!

Don’t tell B but I emailed work to see if I can well, work this week. I need something to break up te knitting!  Unfortunately being in hospital and working aren’t comptatible with my contract. Maybe just as well.

Had Hickman line installed four hours before schedule so didn’t have enough time to a) finish this post and b) get worked up about it – the post obviously! And got two breakfasts one at 5:50 to fit in with Hickman line at 13:00 and then as it was moved to 9:00 one after.

Here’s the view from my window, taken in panoramic mode on the camera, the first time I’ve used it. Correction, the first time I’ve used it on purpose.


My bed, storage, fridge

And did you spot it? Tea tray!  Strongly worded letter not required.

My TV, comfy chair and the exit

My window blinds which are operated by a button because they are between the external window pane and the internal pane – so nothing nasty like air can get in.

The ensuite


Things learned so far
It can get complicated – Came back from having Hickman line installed, decided to wait until everything settles down before putting bra on. That’s okay as have cardigown (cross between cardigan and dressing gown) in CREAM which is relevant shortly. Sorted. No problem until lunch. Tomato soup. Did you see this coming? Get tomato soup on CREAM sleeve cuff and then on front while getting up to wash sleeve. Large quantity of water involved so needed to dy out. Need to put bra on as top bit low in neckline for my liking, shall I put a higher necked top on. No, they are too light, need a bra. Put long sleeved top on under short sleeve. Think of the washing. So tentatively put bra on. Doc who put in did ask if where he intended to put it was okay so as to avoid bra strap. I said whatever. He’s obviously had a bit more experience than me.

No matter how many times you pull the shower pull the bathroom light won’t turn on or off.


14 responses to “‘Although to be fair if I could have avoided being here I probably would have done.’

  1. Our bathroom heater will only stay on if you hang a claw hammer on the dangly switch-pull thingy. Would you like to borrow my hammer? But I need it back before 7am tomorrow.

  2. Gill Kilgallon

    Well the accommodation certainly seems quite civil. Let’s just hope the food is edible.
    So a major step is already behind you. The hickman line is in situ now just ‘bring on the rest’ baby… The sooner all this is over the sooner the puppy will be coming home…Can’t wait!
    Don’t be worrying about the washing. You just change those jimmies as much as you wish to and send the washing home with B for me. I’ll even use env. friendling, no added nasties, not tested on bunnies etc. etc. detergent so that it will be acceptable to you. It will probably cost me a bloody fortune but what the hell – you’re worth it!!!
    Luv & Hugs Gill xxx

  3. Just thinking of you and wishing you well x
    btw what hospital you at.

  4. What’s a scouser?

    • Its a term for someone from Liverpool! And an additional bit of information – scouse is also used by scousers as a term for hotpot, blind scouse being scouse without the meat – did you get all that? Good! There may be a test later. ;D

      • Ok. What’s a hotpot? What’s a scouse? I don’t understand! Is this some foreign language? Do I have to know what a scouse is before I can understand scouser?

        I hope you’re doing well. How many millions of stem cells are they going to give you?

  5. And how quickly can you knit a new cardigan?

  6. Sandy Banks

    Browse with a scouser? How about you? I like like New York in June… how about you? (hum a few more bars and they’ll be doubtless clamoring for … some tap dancing?)
    I thought Liverpool people were called “Liverpuddlians,” or was that a Monty Pythonism?
    Just checking up on you…

  7. Hey there, kiddo…I am so impressed with your new digs…I have never visited the equivalent of an Italian ‘pital unit, but I am sure it wouldn’t be this nice. I mean, you have a VIEW! And a tea tray! Mamma mia…!

    How did the tomato soup saga end? Did you get the stain out? Enquiring minds want to know…

    Beth, has nobody told you that you can do Google searches for words you don’t understand? (LOL!) To be honest, I didn’t know what scouse meant, either…even though I am a Beatles fan…now, with the help of Wikipedia, I even know what a “woolyback” is…hah!

    Okay, my duty as a friend, Fere, is to send you some funnies…will do, will do…keep laughing!
    Hugs from Margaret in Florence, Italy

  8. Ok, here is a good one, funny even if you are a cat person (as I am):

  9. Look what you’ve started with your mention of scousers.

    Mike and I were looking at your post last night but were far too lazy to post a comment. Our viewing was accompanied by lots of oos and ahs (sp) and general expressions of delight and jealousy at your surroundings.

    On the bra front, I told you my nan would have said wear a vest, that or get B to bring in strapless numbers, or how about a basque? ;D

  10. Lorna – Who’d have thought mentioning scousers would have caused controvesy!

    Sandy – Yes officially people from Liverpool are called Liverpuddlians but are known colloquially as scousers.

    Beth – I’ll do a post on hotpot/scouse all to itself. I’ll make sure I do it before any nausea kicks in!

    Margaret – Love the video. I was going to use the term woolyback in relation to myself but thought it might get confusing! Tomato soup removal was totally successful.

    Hope you’re all feeling as well as I do at this moment in time!

    • Assume there will be NO nausea! Remember to east frequent small meals/snacks throughout the day. I kept crackers on my bedside table and would even have one if I woke during the night. I ate pudding, soup, scrambled eggs, toast, crackers and much more. I only lost 13 lbs, and that was because I had some lower GI difficulties. Had that not happened, I might have gained weight.

      @Margaret – Google requires effort. I have to choose between expending the effort on the post comment or the google search. Plus, I would probably like Paula’s definition better. 🙂

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