It’ll all be alright

I know this because my mother in law told me so.

‘You’ll have forgotten all about it in a month. It’s like when you have a baby, oh, you’ve not got any have you, well it is. You forget about it and then they grow up.’

Two birds with one stone – the woman’s got the aim of a military sniper or a 10 year old boy with a catapult!


4 responses to “It’ll all be alright

  1. I wish I could think of something witty to say but I’m having one of those raw, emotional days. I’ll pop back another day and say somethin pretty and witty and bright! In the meantime, I’ll pop Toni onto a train and get her to sort her out for you. X

  2. Oh, eeeeeevil!!!

  3. I guess there are plenty of people who do have kids and then forget about it. This is exactly why contraception should be taught at an early age.

    The SCT? You’ll never forget about it, but it will become less of an event as time goes by. Once your hair grows back it gets easier. Three years later, I still think about it. I tend to have a bit of stress over when the relapse will be coming.

  4. Well I have to say that Tim does not remember much at all about his SCT so I do highly recommend inravenous
    Ativan and especially IV Benadryl. They used the first
    for nausea and the second as a pre-med when getting cells re-infused and a bag of platelets. Good stuff. So I have to tell you a mother-in-law story cause I can’t say it on my blog in case mine has found it, or ever does. I coached a
    softball game early Sat. morn. I have major sleep issues and was tired, busy and distracted. A friend that passed along, via our kids, a magazine about the state we plan to vacation at this summer asked me if I had gotten it. I said I did and then started with the out-law cracks saying this summer, I was not going to vacation with them. My plan
    was to stay far away from Vermont and them and I went on to say that
    I have a hard enough time tolerating kids who throw temper tantrums, I really couldn’t stand them coming from a 72 year old. This was in reference to my father-in-law who is a very moody, disrespectful sort who has to make everyone
    else miserable around him. I get home from the game and it hits me. YOU IDIOT. My mother-in-law came to watch the game and she probably heard this whole thing from where she was standing!!!! I totally forgot she had said she was coming. I saw her on the way out but was in a rush to the next activity of the day so it never hit me til later. Oh well.
    It was no secret what I think of his behavior but I really put my foot in my mouth that time. OOPS

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