Normal Service is Resumed

I woke up this morning back to normal, okay a little headachy because I may have over indulged in a caffeinated carbonated beverage yesterday – I can’t hold my cola – and what have they done to the logo?!?!?

I have been to two pre-start business seminars at the local Chamber of Commerce but decided to skip this week’s and rebook for after the SCT.  It was on finance, I had no idea what I was doing with my figure and B gave me a ‘look’ this morning when I said I hadn’t decided whether to go or not!

Anyway I’m off to pick the retired vicar up for pre-yoga lunch and then yoga (I have him a lift home two weeks ago so there should only be a little screaming).  With a bit of luck I’ll be able to say at some point ‘More tea vicar?’*

*Beth – Do you need a translation of this one?

6 responses to “Normal Service is Resumed

  1. If cola gives you a headache young lady then it’s caffeine free for you in the future! My kids were only allowed to drink the sugar-free caffeine-free stuff, was one hell of a shock the first time they had the real thing, they bounced off the walls, their dad bought them home (you can have them back now I’ve got stuff to do), and they didn’t sleep for a week!

  2. STOP drinking cola altogether!!! It is terrible when you are in the best of health… have you read what they put in it? And diet cola is VERY bad with aspertame which arrests liver function!!! by turning the aspertame to formaldehyde – what they use(d) to pickle corpses… nice, what?

  3. Well I never consume sweeteners anyway but I have put down the glass of regular stuff and backed away!

  4. “More tea, vicar?” Is it Keeping Up Appearances?

    • No! It refers to a bodily function believe it or not. When someone burps, you can say for some reason ‘More tea vicar?’ Not to be confused with ‘Give that duck a worm!’ which relates to an entirely different function but both expressions Hyacinth Bucket would never use! ;D

  5. That’s just plain weird!

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