Look at my Begonia

We went to my Auntie Ann’s yesterday and she gave me this…

Apparently I’d sounded down when I spoke to her on Friday night to say I wasn’t going in for my stem cell transplant on Monday.  It’s just as well I didn’t ring her as soon as I got home or she’d have bought the whole of Delamere Forest!

I got one off our neighbour and his ladyfriend last year and it seemed to be doing okay until I shook it to get rid of the faded flowers and the whole top fell off!  I think I may have over watered it, which is suprising because I normally maintain a ‘treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen’ plant policy.

We’ll check back in a month to see how the begonia is doing.

3 responses to “Look at my Begonia

  1. My gardening style is not unlike yours – I do not “baby” my plants or transplants… they have to make it on their own or too bad. But I would never adopt that attitude with YOUR transplant… I will be sending you Reiki and good intentions for great success when it begins!

  2. Hope you’re not feeling down now, such a pretty plant to lift your spirits. Wishing you every success and don’t worry H says it was all fine and really not bad at all. Take something nice to smell – those old fashioned 4711 wipes are lovely when you’re feeling hot and bothered such a nice refreshing smell and all clothes that are comfy and soft.
    Thinking of you x

  3. I love your plant policy! And such a beautiful begonia. I hope you’re in better spirits and that you’re able to get in and get started with your transplant quickly. Our thoughts are with you.

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