What a Lovely Day and then…

Well I went to Liverpool today with Chris, a friend.  I was going to go yesterday afternoon but B wanted to come.  How nice.  Then  I realised from his enthusiasm when Chris said she would come that it was more related to me going either to the station or Liverpool in the car!

So we went to the Royal and picked up my containers to wee in for 24 hours – nice – were informed I only need to get there at 15:00 on Monday and went and had chocolate and tea.  Chris is a bit of a chocaholic.

Then we went round Liverpool Museum, ohhed at fish, fiddled with everything we could in the Plantastic Exhibition (it was probably aimed to children but we enjoyed), urghhh at huge cockroaches and then marveled at skulls and animal remains in the natural history bit.  There a very nice curator regaled us with information about elephants’ teeth, turtles, sharks’ teeth, loofahs and let us into a secret locked room and showed us two enormous elephant tusks.  

Off we jollied then to buy even more knickers and pyjamas from Primark.

Then we had a very nice italian meal served by a very nice young man, strolled back to the station and caught the train back to Chris’s.  As we were walking back to the train Chris said she’d really enjoyed it apart from the circumstances and so had I.  I only had to keep this same feeling over the weekend and I’d be kitten free!

I phoned B when we got back at 19:50 so he could pick me up and he said I’d just missed a call from the Royal but it wasn’t anything to worry about I could ring them tomorrow.  As I could remember the number (I really don’t ring them that much it’s an easy number and I’m pretty good with numbers anyway, honest) I rang them up to be told they didn’t now have a bed for Monday and it was likely to be next Monday!  They were really sorry.  Needless to say I was a disappointed, rallied but could feel myself teetering, Chris wasn’t a happy bunny and said she felt like one of the plastic plants we played with where you pushed a button to inflate it as an example of it filling with water and then it deflated.  B definitely wasn’t happy and pointed out that next Monday is a bank holiday and I should ring tomorrow to find out if it will definitely be next week.  I feel like I’d prefer to wait a few weeks and get a definite ‘cast in concrete date’ rather than – well it will probably be three weeks, having an appointment I didn’t know about, ringing up to find out it definitely wouldn’t be last Monday but since I didn’t think I had an appointment I’d assumed it wouldn’t be, but it would be this Monday and now it will be next Monday.

So as much as I hate to admit it and appear whiney and moany I started to cry in the car on the way home and coming from a very superstitious family I’m fighting the feeling it is a sign not to go ahead!  I know that’s crazy and in the cold light of day rationality will reassert itself but for now I’m going to follow Chris’s suggestion to accept that tonight is a bit of a right off, have a bath, possibly an alcoholic drink and go to bed and get back to being happy in the morning!


2 responses to “What a Lovely Day and then…

  1. No! They can’t just drop you like that? Don’t they understand this is a big deal?!? Mutter mutter mutter mutter.

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