Happy Anniversary – Have a Kitten!

I realised yesterday that today is 12 months since my diagnosis. Although I think the MM had been circulating for at least another 16 months before that!

So as an Anniversary present anyone want a kitten – I keep producing them on and off since yesterday morning when there were quite a few! It’ll be okay, little kitten, it’ll be okay, triplets, it’ll be okay! I’m thinking the little kitten thing is quite normal. And then there’s the ‘bring it on’ giggling hysterics* over the rice and then a not extremely funny episode of South Park – while I was doing something else I was slacking. (* When we had the little apherisis problems, the nurse asked me if I was normally that giggly and when I answered yes, she said that was a relief because she had been getting a little worried it was hysteria. I said no the time to worry was when I stopped. )

It was the rice incident that made me realise that I may be trying to get too much done – since in my haste to get the bathroom cleaned yesterday I threw the rice out of the jar into the pan for tea, thinking there may be too much and it turned out that I was mistaken and this was for two of us…

I insisted on B having it since he was going to work and I had my fish and sweet and sour sauce with rice but in the form of rice cakes – which I had very nearly binned the day before, because I know they are good for you but life is just too short for these. I’d challenge anybody to say that they actually enjoyed eating them not allowing for them being dipped in 1 inch thick chocolate!

That said I had taken Mary for her ears syringed, her hair done, got her a pie, taken her home, been for lunch with a friend (as tea on Wednesday was postponed), been to Auntie En’s where I knit and she crocheted for a couple of hours, cleaned the bathroom room, made polite conversation with B so he didn’t feel neglected and had a quick filing/craft tidy up, ordered some stuff to take on holiday, and some bin bags (don’t ask), sorted sky player and downloaded some films. Ohhhh, that’s not a lot, I need to get my finger out.

Fortunately I’m generally leaning towards the ‘bring it on’ little bit of perverse excitement and doublely fortunately I have my mother in law to put things in perspective. After the nurse explained the slight risk of perforating an ear drum or infection from the bacteria in the water she decided she didn’t want her ears syringed as it was ‘too risky’. She was eventually persuaded that the risk was pretty minimal and I didn’t say once ‘Get a grip it’s only water in your ears!’

2 responses to “Happy Anniversary – Have a Kitten!

  1. Thank you for the kind offer of a kitten. I would take one off your hands, but I fear Toni would think it was just a light snack before lunch! (She loves cats really, especially between two slices of bread.) No seriously she does love cats, honestly she does, she can’t help it if they mistake her playful bounce as a pounce and drop down dead of a heart attack. Pull yourself together Lorna and be serious!
    I have to admit I partook of a little hysterical giggling at my gynae appointment on Wednesday. The things that man says to me really cannot be repeated!

  2. With all that you are doing, I don’t see how you have time to have kittens, too! Wish the pond was smaller – I’d drop over for a cuppa and snatch up one of those furballs…

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