Holiday Packing List


Pyjamas – 7

Knickers – 14

Bras – 7

Socks – 7

Slippers – Don’t know about this, I don’t own any, may take flip flops, it’s not like I’ll be going far, bed, toilet, bed, shower, bed, reclining armchair, bed, fridge, bed, tea tray!

May decide to double up on everything as less requests then to B and less washing – although I’ve had volunteers.


Cleanser, refining serum, balm (or in old terms, face wash toner, moisturiser – all Martha Hill, naturalish stuff, not tested on bunnies, reasonably priced)

Body lotion – Highland Soap Company, recent purchase in Scotland, natural and the Wild Nettle smells really good believe it or not

Brush – May be coming home sooner than me

Wig – See above

Shower gel

Hand wash, cream and sanitizer – Not that I’m being fussy but the only thing sensitive about me is my skin and hospital stuff doesn’t agree with me.  I end up with hands drier than an Egyptian mummy

Cooling pillow – Because I have a fridge I can put it in!

Stuff to Do

Books – The Book Thief, Under the Dome, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Virolution

DVD – Yoga for stress relief!!!!!!

Laptop, charger and mobile broadband

Audio books


Card Making Stuff

Cross Stitch

Okay I know I may be a little under the weather and not want to read, knit, stitch and card make all at the same time but it’s like a security blanket, some kids had a blankie I had something to do!

I have reviewed my pre Holiday to do list and think I may need to trim it down a little.  B on the other hand seems to think I may need to do more although he has declined my other to make up his buns for work and pop a month’s worth in the freezer – I beleive you can freeze ham butties not that I’ve ever tried but there you go).  I’ve been asking for several weeks for some compost to repot the plants in the porch and this morning he brings home two pristine bags of it.  A huge deal since he had to put them in the car boot and they may dirty it.  I don’t think I’m under too much pressure though because it involves B lifting a large Money Plant out of its pot (well actually a builder’s bucket – it’s black and reasonably tasteful) and since I asked him two and a half weeks ago it’s not made it out.  He also treated himself to some hand cooked crisps and a bag of sweets.  ‘So this is the way things are going to be, I get hospital food, you get treats.’  B pointed out these things will be eaten well before Monday.

As B was getting the compost out of the car and I gazed fondly at him through the kitchen window (hey, occasionally I do, ok) I felt bad/guilty that I’m putting him through this.  I felt like this last year when I was diagnosedand occassionally since like when I was in hospital with shingles.  I remember my Great Uncle Tom many years ago apologising when he had a heart attack and obviously we felt he had no need to, but now I understand why he did.

4 responses to “Holiday Packing List

  1. I haven’t really had much need to be in hospital recently, so this comment may be completely unnecessary. I gather there will be frequent trips to the little girls room, will the tissue provided be soft enough for a delicate derrière? Actually you are so organised you’ve probably already packed loads.
    Write out a hundred times:
    “I must stop acting like a mom…….I must stop acting like a mom…….I must…….”

  2. 7 bras? Really? I don’t even own 7 bras! Tell us about your audio books! And don’t forget to take something nice to drink. You will want cool drinks. Good luck honey!

  3. Oh no, Ruth, I’ve just checked and I only own 8 basically thanks to Primark and going into hospital but two are not of sufficient quality to venture out of the house!

  4. I’ll send you a message when I get home from work, but, for now, I just want you to know that it’s not going to be so bad. You’re young and strong. Remember to eat small meals throughout the day. It really helps. I never was sick once, but did lose 13 lbs. Stay clear of anyone who’s sick! Sleep as much as you like. 🙂

    When you’re having the melphalan, suck on ice chips for 20 minutes before. Keep on until 20 minutes after it’s done. This’ll help prevent mouth sores, they say. Later on, be careful about not having any scratchy food. I actually created a sore on the roof of my mouth by scraping it when eating toast!

    Move around as much as you can. Go for walks. Get up and shower every day. Dress in comfy clothes.

    Unless you’ve had cytoxan in mobilization, your hair won’t fall out until at least a week (maybe closer to 2) into things. See if someone will go ahead and shave your head in advance or get your hair cut really short in preparation for the hair loss. Being bald is actually kind of fun. I liked not having to worry about doing anything after a shower.

    If you have the equivalent of Glad Press n Seal there, get some. You can stick it over your catheter when you want to take a shower. It sure beats all the other weird things I tried. It’ll keep the site dry.

    I’ll write to you with everything I can think of.

    If you have a notebook computer to take, and skype, I can even call you!

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