To Do List 11 – Times on List in Brackets


*  Knit socks for acupuncturist

*  Make list of stuff to take to hospital for stem cell transplant as I finally have a firm date

*  Finish dress started today and make another two – nothing like a little pressure to make one get one’s finger out

Still Hanging About – but started

*  Post patterns and knitting to Ravelry (9) – Should have plenty of time for this next week

* Make 1 baby presents (8) – 2 down one to go

*  Don’t postpone doing To Do List in an attempt to mark something off it –Now going to do the To Do List on a Tuesday – To Do List Tuesdays

*  Garden – this may have to wait for a bit and when I say started I went to the shed and then came back!

Done – Hip, hip hooray

*  Aran cardigan for me in rose tinted colour – pic to follow – I may even be wearing it

*  2 baby presents – pics to follow

Long Term Goals

*  Discover cause of myeloma – I think there’s more chance of this than sorting the garden

*  Build own house


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