Back to the Tea Tray

Saturday I discovered a message on the phone from Friday, from the Royal. Apparently we’d missed an appointment! Fortunately they knew I had been because of the ECG. So I rang the number and got the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit but no-one could help so I had to ring after 14:00 on Sunday.   Apparently I had a clinic appointment we didn’t know about and I should have had a lung test but it looks like my crystal ball is on the blink.

So… we get another trip to the Royal on Friday to breath heavily and hang about the clinic so they can squeeze us in and then my holiday starts on Monday! Uh, er, Mrs.

Meanwhile back at the mother in law’s (I’m thinking of changing the subtitle to mother-in-law, myeloma & no knitting or sewing). I went round yesterday while the Falls Adviser called round at about, remember about, 11:30, that about is very important. According to Mary 11:45 is not about, 11:50 is certainly not about and 11:55 is definitely not about! Maybe I should ring and let them know that she had the Monday club to go to in the afternoon because it wasn’t fair if she missed that.

When the Falls Adviser did arrive she tripped over the door threshold which apparently went to show she was in the right job! There was no advice she could give Mary as she was too healthy! No heart disease, blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, could see okay with her glasses, was going for a hearing test (even though she isn’t deaf). It’s like déjà vu – ‘I can hear you okay.’ ‘That’s because I’m shouting.’ ‘Well talk normally.’ ‘Okay then.’ ‘I can hear that’.

Apparently water infections/any infection can cause falling and when we had the weeing in a pot escapade just after she fell she did indeed have a water infection. Other than that she needed to pick her feet up as my father in law was always telling her.

On the way to the front door, the Falls Adviser remarked to me that Mary was ‘A little angel.’ Did she mean it, erm, you decide!

I would like to point out that Mary thinks about us, even though nobody bothers about her  – I know this because she tells me, I think it’s just in case I don’t know from our conversations. Whilst making a cup of tea for Mary

Me: ‘I go into hospital next Monday.’

Mary: ‘How long for?’

Me: ‘A month.’ – There no point saying up to a month as she’d want to know why I wasn’t home and why Bernard was having to do everything.

Mary: ‘Well, what about my appointment for my ears syringed.’

Me: ‘That’s this Thursday.’

Mary: ‘Oh, yeah. Don’t put too much milk in that.’

6 responses to “Back to the Tea Tray

  1. Well if you are going on holiday for a month you better make sure you’ve done all the meals needed and put them in the freezer, ensured B has a months supply of underwear socks etc. as you won’t be able to get the washing done, filled the larder with tea bags, coffee, loo roll and other essential items. Never mind making dresses there is too much to do!!

    • I know, I keep thinking why am I making three dresses when I’ll be wearing jim jams for weeks and it will give me something easy to do when I get out. I also want to visit my Auntie En, spring clean the whole house, change and wash the sheets on the spare bed, sort though the back log of post (bills, receipts, etc) and file them, pay a bill, drop some cards/magazines off at the Sunflowers Centre, call round at some friends, I’m going out for tea tonight and need to finish two myeloma buddies to take with me, fit in another 10 hours of paid work, decide what I’m taking in with me, download some films from sky, some games from Big Fish – because my mobile broadband has a lowish usage, tidy the ‘garden’, buy a new duvet, I have a visit to the accupunturist this afternoon, don’t think I going to get the socks finished for then, make a necklace for a friend’s birthday that was March (she let me off), finish the present for her grandson, make muffins (why I don’t know), vist the Royal for a wee container (nice) and have my spirograph (I think that’s the drawing toy), take B’s mum for her ears syringed, do a list of what I need to do – oh, I just have, well at least that’s one thing off the list. ;0

  2. LOL! (=both the post AND Lorna’s comment!)

  3. Um – is there any time in that schedule to sleep? Thought not!

  4. WHATEVER you do, DON’T get Mary’s ears syringed, she will be able to hear you muttering under your breath!!!
    I gather you’ve got to look after your puppies after your SCT…..;-)

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