I go for my ECG tomorrow at the Royal. I was going to go on my tod as my appointment is 08:40 and with B working nights we normally try for later appointments so he can at least get a little sleep in and I felt it was too early to ask my Auntie Ann to come with me, although I’m sure she wouldn’t have minded.

Then Bernard came home this morning and said he’d been thinking that since he went to bed at 9:30 yesterday as he had an appointment, he’d go to bed at 11:30 today and sleep until 17:30 and not go to bed in the morning at all (who knew working nights could get so complicated).

And you know what, I was glad. I’ve been feeling a little apprehensive. I couldn’t think why until this morning as I was sitting quietly typing. It’s because I’ve always thought I’d shuffle off this mortal coil due to a heart problem. It’s that simple. It can only be this because why on earth would I be more concerned about this than x-rays for lesions or blood tests for protein levels.

We have a family history of heart problems and incidentally no history in direct blood relatives, parents, grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and uncles, great or otherwise of any cancer. That’s not to say I thought I was immune just partly immune! No, that’s not to say I thought I would die in my sleep of a heart attack at 80, my dad and one of his sisters were in their sixties, one of his brothers in his twenties and another his forties. A while ago I did some family history research and a great uncle reached the ripe old age of nineteen before popping off due to a heart problem. We’ve also had our share of eighties along with a few instances of TB and pneumonia.

Fortunately now I’ve realised what was causing the apprehension I feel better about it and I do get a trip on the train, lunch out, an opportunity to shop for fabric (B doesn’t know this yet as he doesn’t like going into ‘that shop’) and an opportunity to purchase some cheap knickers from Primark!


2 responses to “Echocardiogram

  1. Great post. Way to determine the root of your anxiety.
    Keep dominating, Phil

  2. Do you really want to be buying cheap knickers from Primark? What if you get knocked down by a bus? Now you’ve got me worrying about the contents of my smalls drawer, none of them are fit to be seen on an operating table! I better rush out to Asda. 😉

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