Mother in Law 4 Sale – Any reasonable offer accepted

Last night B is rings her up, as he does most days, to check she’s okay and apparently she never goes out and never sees anybody. Well let’s see…

Friday – I went (bit of a flying visit admittedly, I didn’t have time to get my knitting out)

Saturday – B’s brother went with her shopping as always

Sunday – She went to B’s brother’s for her tea as always

Monday – A local club in the afternoon as always (I intended to call at with something nice for her from town but with my little incident I couldn’t get there before she went out)

Tuesday – No-where

Wednesday – Day centre that I managed to persuade her to go to after a surprise trip there about five weeks ago when they very kindly fed me too. This was against protests of when was she going to get her housework done if she went there and it wasn’t much cop as there was only an eyeful there. There were about 10 but they were really nice. I wanted to bring Betty home with me because she was just lovely. Mary could have been slightly put out because she was the second youngest so she couldn’t complain about her age. Even though it’s just opposite where she walks to on a Monday and doesn’t involve crossing the main road she lets them pick her up and drop her off.

Thursday – Trip to the hairdressers when she feels up to it (and tomorrow a trip with me to get her ears syringed – ahh, life in the fast lane)

Friday – Maybe town

But she never goes anywhere or sees anybody and nobody thinks about her.

She’s turned down…

* Hot meals delivered daily – via a local company she worked for years ago who do a very good charitable trust or

* Frozen meals delivered weekly which are nicer than the shop bought ones and they would even put them in the freezer and note what she did and didn’t like

* A monthly Monday morning club just round the corner from where she leaves which would lead to additional trips out – because that was too much going out on a Monday

* Help in the house with domestic duties also via Pilkington Welfare Trust (because she dusts and hoovers** – how I don’t know considering she keeps saying she can’t walk and I can do loads but not hoovering – but the kitchen and bathroom could stand a little more attention) and which would also provide someone to chat to

* A hairdresser who would call to the house if she didn’t feel like going out but thought her hair looked a mess – again a little chat

* A day club on a Tuesday at the local sheltered accommodation – I think because she had a sneaky suspicion they’d keep her in the residential home next door

* Alternative club bit further away but they would pick her up and drop her off run by Age Concern

* A club on a Thursday also run by Pilkington Welfare at their local care centre which is like a luxury hotel and has pensioners visiting from around the country for up to two weeks for a change of scenery and a bit of pampering

* The neighbours’ offers that if she ever needs anything even a bit of company she shouldn’t hesitate to let them know

* She refuses to ring people for a chat because she thinks they should ring her to find out how she’s doing because she’s on her own

But again she never goes anywhere or sees anybody and nobody thinks about her and she doesn’t moan about it at all!

** Beth – translation – vacuums


7 responses to “Mother in Law 4 Sale – Any reasonable offer accepted

  1. Do you think Pilkington would let me have the help instead?
    I was taught never to look a gift horse in the mouth……. sounds like your m-i-l has a degree in equine denistry!!
    (Couldn’t you swap her for Betty “by mistake”? 😉 )

  2. I’m with Lorna on this… your M-I-L has a case of Liggitt’s… (hope I’m not being too blunt, but it’s when a bit of poop gets edged in sideways and gives one a rah-ther poopy attitude.) There is no cure for this… eventually everything just builds up and there’s a massive explosion that requires more than a bit of hoovering, but it’s all over… well, that’s depressing.

    Probably the best solution is to let her stew since no amount of trying to “help” her is having any effect. Maybe she needs to fulfill her own prophesy.

  3. Yikes! As if MM isn’t trouble enough. Sounds like you’ve given your very best to help your Mother-in-law. For that, you should be proud. No offense intended, but the old adage remains ‘you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.’ Sometimes when you least expect it, things can turn around. I know, I know – stop dreaming and put a sock in it, Sean!

    Cheers & good luck! Sean M.

  4. Thanks for the translation. 🙂 My sister-in-law is from England, so I do know some stuff!

  5. Oh! Oh! And I need to tell you that I came from near the home town of the Hoover Company, which they called the “cleaner” city. Odd though, that I can’t find any references to that. Maybe it was a local thing.

    • It’s funny with the usage of terms. I think the whole of the UK possibly uses the word hoovers with any brand of vaccumn – so we hoover with a Dyson. ; )

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