Road Traffic Accident

Everybody is fine, well I am and so is the car, but Bernard doesn’t know yet so that’s subject to change.  I might need a pair of ear muffs.

Technically it wasn’t on a road, it was on a car park, and didn’t involve traffic, we (the car and I) were doing about 0.001 miles per hour and the other vehicle was definitely stationary, but the word accident is appropriate.

It is a fairly biggish car, it’s a Vauxhall Insignia, and B has expressed concerns over this!  Ooops!

I set off to get a peice of fabric from town.  The car park I have been using which is small was FULL and had someone waiting.  So I decided to use the huge flat one nearby.  My first boo boo was on to the car park.  I desparately don’t want to be one of these women who have to open the door to get their ticket, so far I’ve had to do that once and a second time I had to hang out of the window.  But today I wouldn’t have had room to open the door I was that close.  In fact I was close enough to scrap the same wing mirror involved in the later incident on the ticket dispenser!  ‘Ohhh, I hope that doesn’t leave a mark’ I thought.

Onto the car park.  Now there were a lot of free spaces but did I park in the first one I came to with gaps either side and get the benefit of the additional walk into the town centre, noooooooooooooooo.  I decided to drive round to see if there was a closer space and then I decided that I would park inbetween a BMW and a Toyota people carrier/van type vehicle. Why? Well because I want to get use to parking just in case I ever encountered a car park where there is only one tiny space left of course.  I think this highly unlikely now because B is highly likely to confisicate my car key.

So I got in the space but was I happy? Noooooooooooo!  It could be straighter.  So I went to straighten up and ended up more un-straight.  So I tried again and then it happened… my wing mirror brushed the MVP.  I stopped.  I twiddled the knob to try and bring the mirror in, I can’t decide if that made it worse, I fought back the rising panic.  It’s just a wing mirror, it’s just a wing mirror, IT’S BERNARD’S WING MIRROR ON A CAR THAT HE KNOWS HOW LONG HE HAS HAD TO THE DAY.  Only having said last week it was coming up to five months since he’d bought it (obviously he corrects himself and says he means, our car and we’d bought it – yeah right)!

I thought about just driving off.  It’s surprising how that Bart Simpson attitude from childhood reappears at times like this – ‘I didn’t do it!  It was like that when I got here!’  But the problem with that was the owners of the other car weren’t my problem Bernard was.  So for that to work I would have had to drive off to somewhere else completely and leave my old live behind.  I decided that as I didn’t have my sewing machine, just some knitting in the boot, this wasn’t feasible.

A couple were walking towards me and I thought

‘It’s their car, I can get it done with.’ and then I thought about Denise’s car park incident and thought ‘Don’t let it be their’s’.  They were next but one.  Now it’s not that I can’t stand up for myself but I don’t really like confrontation and don’t see the need for it.  B quite likes a good argument, not with me of course he knows better than that but this could be a test!

So I left a little note under the windscreen wipers of the MVP you know to the effect of

‘I hit your car.  People watching think I’m leaving my details but I’m not.  Have a nice day! ;o)’

He he, no I really did leave my details.

It was only a scuff on the plastic I don’t even think it caused a scratch as such and absoluately no dents on theirs.

Meanwhile back on our wing mirror – there is a little black mark.  I think this is likely to be off the ticket machine personally.

Thank goodness for mobile phones as I was able to take pictures of the mark however in the process of doing so I walked off without locking the car!  I reallised this on the way back but fortunately it was still there!  I suppose if it had been pinched I could have claimed the car thief scratched the MVP.

Bernard doesn’t read my blog so I’m safe telling all here as I don’t think I’m going to tell him I left it unlocked.  He’s just woke up so here goes…


6 responses to “Road Traffic Accident

  1. It could have been far, far worse. My son decided to go to a safari park last week and all was well until driving through the rhino enclosure. It was at this point that he decided to panic as one of the rhino’s took a fancy to his nice car. He ended up scraping the sill of the car along a high kerb. Think yourself lucky there are no rhinos in the North West!

  2. I guess if we don’t see any more blogs we’ll know the outcome wasn’t good…. ;-} My S.O. has several cars, one a Jaguar. I’m very lucky that even though he knows when he bought each one, and how much he paid for them, right now – NONE of them are running!! Only mine goes, and it’s got lots of scratches and dents….

  3. Reverse parking is like that. Some days the other cars just jostle in from either side for a laugh to catch you out, I’m sure of it. It sounds like a very minor incident. You were very honest to leave your details. Are you SURE you need to tell Bernard? Sometimes, it is easier not to upset the males of the species where cars are concerned…?

    • At lunch with a friend yesterday she said something similar in that my problem was I told B too much and hastily added that she was not suggesting I should be deceitful but maybe do a lot more editing ie, ‘I parked the car on the car park.’

  4. Kudos to you for leaving a note. You are a saint. I think
    there’s good reason that side mirrors are rarely painted or made of chrome these days. They do take a beating. I think the first note you claimed to have left was hysterical.
    The hearty laugh would have taken the sting out of it a little
    for the “injured party” if you had left it, I’m sure. Do let us know how you make out with B.

  5. Just being in a car in England could get me in a wreck. I had such a hard time remembering to stay in the correct lane, especially when making a right turn. I kept grabbing at the door when I wanted to change gears. I’m so glad we drive on the right side of the road here.

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