Someone I know in the National Press

I went onto facebook last night and noticed that a friend I used to work with had had her picture published in the press – on page 4 of the Daily Mirror, a national tabloid, and on the Telegraph online. There was no link, tea had just arrived in the form of an Indian takeaway (I’m not saying we get a lot of these but dependant on who answers the phone, I don’t need to give the address and dependant on who delivers they ask B how I’m doing) so I was under pressure to get it on a plate but I just had to find the photo because knowing Lynette it would be a corker.

I just had to share this, but I did think –

It’s not my photo to share – It’s in a national tabloid, the Daily Mirror page 4, and online at the Telegraph

It’s not of someone you’d know – It’s still cringingly hilarious

Lynette might mind – This is Lynette, she’s probably already ordered a double life size copy to go on the front of her house

Things B said when I stopped laughing enough to answer questions

B: ‘Is she wearing a brightly coloured dress?’

Me: ‘Well nearly.’

B has met her properly, in the flesh as it were, once.  On heading upstairs to see the photo –

B: ‘Don’t tell me which one she is let me spot her.’

Me: ‘ Okay then, but I shouldn’t think you’ll have much trouble.’

As Lynette said on facebook – ‘I’ve always wanted to be on Page 3 but I suppose I’ll settle for page 4 now I’m getting on a bit.’ I think it’s page 4 because they wouldn’t fit on page 3.

Parental guidance is advised – don’t say you weren’t warned!

Lynette at the Races (photo 25)

It was taken at Ladies Day at the National.


3 responses to “Someone I know in the National Press

  1. The things people will do for their 15 minutes of fame. To be honest, I’m just jealous. A) I’ve never made it into the papers. B) I haven’t got her talents! 😉

    • It just dawned on me Lynette is the friend I referred to in my very first comment on your blog – she’s the friend whose air bags didn’t deploy!

  2. Actually, I don’t really know what to say!!!
    Plip asks can she come to your next party?

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