Removable Wall Art

I do, well did, most of our decorating.  B did some ceilings because he is so much taller than me.  I’m now 5′ 1 and a bit” and he’s still 6′ 2″.  The most notable being the dining room ceiling when he neglected to cover the mahogany bannister which we have now painted white, which is a pain the behind with all the fiddly bits. 

However I don’t do wallpapering.  I tried it twice and well let’s just leave it at that.  I think it’s the glue issue.  I’m not good with glue or maybe too good, it ends up everywhere  hands, clothes, hair, everywhere except where it’s supposed to be!

So I stenciled some of the walls.  Most people upon seeing it for the first time think it is wallpaper – I can’t decide whether that’s a complement or an insult.  I take it as the former.

Here’s my efforts …


But now I’ve come across these on etsy – Charming Wall Art – Oh, the possibilities are endless.


I want my fridge to look like that – first of course I’d need that type of fridge.

I somehow don’t think mine would look like these with the sticking down involved, my wavy lines would be straight, the straight ones would be wavy and the text would be illegible – a bit like B’s language if he came home and I’d actually put one of these on the wall!  But there’s no harm in looking.

5 responses to “Removable Wall Art

  1. How clever you are! Looks quite pro, I think…

  2. I would love those penguins in my bathroom, shame there isn’t enough wall for them. As an American blogger pointed out UK kitchens are often small, she’s never seen our bathrooms!

    • Thanks Sandy.

      Lorna – I grew up with a bathroom that was so big you could have, if you felt that way inclined, reached from the bath and flushed the toilet and that was with the wash basin inbetween. My mum bought washable carpet and used to put in in the washing machine!

      • That is my bathroom now! I haven’t got the washable carpet though. Oh the shame of it. 😦

      • Well our is not much bigger I can still reach the WC and the wash basin from the bath but we have room for a shower cubicle so I consider it is almost palitial. Remember size isn’t eveything! ;p

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