To Do List 9 – times on list in brackets


 Knit five Myeloma Buddies

 New and Done

 * Organise little birthday party for Saturday – catering provided by Leah Jayne who is completely recommended and had nothing to do with my vomiting.  My brother in law ate two cup cakes and took at third home and he is so fussy it’s untrue (correct me if I’m wrong Gill)

Still Hanging About – but started

 * Aran cardigan for me in rose tinted colour (7) – well up the second sleeve, just need another front and collar

* Post patterns and knitting to Ravelry (7) – now still got five knitted items on

* Make 3 baby presents (6) – one still actually started! – I have now bought fabric for the other two from a very nice fabric shop called Mandors in Edinburgh and Cabbage Patch Fabrics on the way there.

* Don’t postpone doing To Do List in an attempt to mark something off it – ooops a whole week late, but I was de-stem celled, holidayed, birthdayed, partyed and vomited in the space of that week


* Make cards and other stuff for lady who is fund raising for Myeloma UK and here it is – considering I was going to do bags and cards it got a bit diverse.

Cards – all two of them!


(We’ll speak of these no more)

Fabric ‘carrier’ bags


Felted rose brooches – I had bits of blooms and leaves hanging about and thought I know I’ll make them into brooches


 Pencil Toppers


I don’t want any comments on the frog!

Wristbands – three of them but only the top one passed quality control because I ran out of stitch and tear and used something else that was un-named from the bazaar that is our local fabric shop the other two though possibly wearable are certainly not sellable

And to make up for the lack of cards some things I had already done – some baby hats and a handknit bag


Long Term Goals

* Discover cause of myeloma

* Build own house – okay so maybe my dreams of actually laying some of the bricks and nailing on roof tiles may not be achievable anymore but I suddenly realised I still want to do this someday

2 responses to “To Do List 9 – times on list in brackets

  1. Re: The poor frog.

    It’s got to be said, like it or not. Given the unfortunate pencil placement, he actually looks quite happy. 😉

  2. You HAVE been busy! Well done on the short term goals, and as for the long term ones… you could always do an evening class in bricklaying? FL’s main long-term goal is to prove that god does not exist…

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