For my Birthday I got…



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 A box made by my youngest nephew at school.  He got an A, he would have got an A star if the little box on top had successfully fit inside with the other one!  I may wax it so it doesn’t get mucky.  It’s flanked by the cards made by my sister-in-law,Gill, (his mum), she’s way more patient and talented at cards than me.

This is what Philip made B for his birthday, it’s a CD holder, but I have a bit of an overflow of cookery books so I may put them in it instead.

And my final present was a vomiting virus!  I woke up yesterday morning and felt fantastic even though I’d had a late night because we had a little party.  They I had a drink of cordial and it made a rapid reappearance.  So I got back in bed and the sick feeling passed.  A few hours later I phoned the Royal to check it wasn’t a delayed side effect.  No.  So I asked B to take me to the walk in centre as I am very rarely sick.  My temp, blood pressure and pulse were all fine and I was informed there are a lot of vomiting viruses going round.  So I came home and went back to bed but couldn’t keep any water down and felt blah to say the least.  I knew I didn’t feel well because I wanted to go back to bed, which wasn’t a done thing in our family.

Gill offered to stay over but settled for B leaving a key with her and me promising that I would ring if I needed anything and I felt so bad I meant it.  I got up this morning at 10 and looked like Ken Dodd*, had a shower and got back into bed. 

I have felt better as the day went on and even had a little bit of hotpot for my tea.  When Gill rang the second time to see how I was she confessed she nearly came over in the night with a spare duvet to sleep on the settee.  As it was she dreamt I turned into a prune from dehydration.  I meanwhile had  a fitful nights sleep and dreamt/thought it was a good job I hadn’t even started knitting the first Myeloma Buddy on order as it would end up like the episode of the Simpsons where Homer buys a juicer from Japan and the flu germs are sneezed in and then let out when he receives it!!!!!

6 responses to “For my Birthday I got…

  1. Happy Barfday?! (Sorry – had to do it…)
    Hope you are feeling better today!

  2. Hope you are feeling even better today. Your nephew is very talented, it must be the water up there!

    Look on the bright side, ibeing sick is good practice for the SCT and think of the weight you will have lost 🙂

    • I have just read George’s blog and realised today was not a good day for humour. I apologise if I caused offence.
      Sue’s passing affects everyone touched by mm.

      • I think you have to find a little humour in every day otherwise it’s not worth it! That’s what attracted me to George’s blog in the first place, the subtitle. I hadn’t seen the blog today until I read your comment as I logged out of work. Now I’m down to snotty snuffles I intend to go and get dressed and drive to Armchair Yoga and find some reason to laugh until I practically wet myself. XX

  3. Oh boy. Tim got that same “gift” 2 Easters ago. Awful.
    I hope you’re feeling much better and you will just have to celebrate your birthday again then, the right way. I often
    joke that I am just 2 stomach viruses away from my goal
    weight but honestly don’t want to lose it that way at all.
    Happy Birthday from across the pond.

    PS. I almost wet my own “knickers” over your fissure comment on MM for dummies blog. Hysterical! I needed that laugh this past week. THANKS!

  4. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!!! May the upcoming year be good to you!

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