Myeloma Buddies

The To Do List nearly finished B off this morning as I lost my pictures for the umpteenth time and therefore I took the hint and gave it a rest for this week.  I was however going to show these separately because they are sooooooooooooo cute they deserved their own spotlight.

As part of the stuff I did for the lady who is having the fun raising event today  for Myeloma UK (yes I said fun that was Roz’s mis-type originally and it sounds so much better than fund raising) I attempted to knit yet again to knit for want of a better word dolls.  I don’t really do knitted toys.  The ones that look really good are quite time consuming like this…


or I once tried quick knit Teddies for Tragedies and to be honest the ones I did were more likely to cause a tragedy than bring comfort after one.


They are all knit in double knit yarn but can you guess which ones I washed after knitting?  Anyway we shall never speak of these again!

However I attempted to give it another go and here’s the result.  This is the first one I knit keeping an eye on me whilst I was working…

Here’s one a friend adopted and named Sweetpea…

Here’s two in the colours of Myeloma UK and the official colour for myeloma (who decides these things?)

And then I got a bit carried away…

I really like these, so much so I have listed them on my etsy shop with the profits either going to Myeloma UK or MMRF.


7 responses to “Myeloma Buddies

  1. Oh, they are SO sweet! I was going to suggest you put them on Etsy and then… you already had! Off to take a look.

  2. A rainbow family! Don’t let Brad and Angelina see them, they’ll be jealous, (that or adopt them all). Hope you had a lovely day. Life begins at and all that. x

  3. Very very cute! Especially the stripey one – makes me think of bertie bassett somehow!

  4. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job! These little dolls mean so much. We are hoping that child #3 finds her Myeloma Buddy to be her lovey. By the way, I am still perplexed on how you got the flower on the one Iris is holding.

    • Well if you’d decided to try your hand at knitting on your stem cell vacation I could have let you in on the secret but since you didn’t I can’t! ;o)

  5. When I went to the Etsy site, it said they were sold out. Are you still making more? I’d love to order one for WCK, and for my two nieces and nephew, and also suggest them to my friends!

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