Stem Cells are Go!

Apparently I need to produce 4 something I’m pretty sure it’s not just 4 CD34s but what the hey, and today I managed 3.  So another Plerixafor tonight and then the other one in the morning and back on the machine.  I’m going to take a picture of the BIG needle tomorrow as it’s BIG and no-one will believe I actually have knitting needles smaller than it BUT it doesn’t hurt going in because apparently it doesn’t touch as many nerves as the little ones. 

I was going to do my To Do List – had in fact started it but then I lost it somehow – better that than the stem cells – and since I couldn’t nod back off this morning I can’t keep my eyes open but felt the need to share the 3 out of 4!

Tomorrow – To Do List and I’ll share the pornographic nature of the audio book I inadvertently I got from the library, THE LIBRARY, and brought in and played on my laptop – it’s a good job I didn’t fall asleep with it playing this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 responses to “Stem Cells are Go!

  1. Gloria Libman


  2. Pornography and a tea tray, what a risque life you lead. Don’t like the sound of that needle though.
    Hope everything going well. x x

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